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Sync to VM-6.91

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  • Tags sumo-2001-03-15, vm-6_91

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File make-autoloads

 (defun print-autoloads ()
   (let ((files (cdr (member "print-autoloads" command-line-args)))
-	;; kludge for broken v19 emacs.  it's supposed to accept
+	;; kludge for broken v19 emacs.  It's supposed to accept
 	;; t in autoloads to mean 'macro but it doesn't.  this
 	;; kludge will screw people who try to byte-compile VM
 	;; with emacs18 for emacs19.
 @settitle VM User's Manual
 @c @direntry
-@c * VM::			A mail reader.
+@c * VM::			A mail reader
 @c @end direntry