Anonymous committed fd30996

Increased VM version to 8.0.12-devo to close the outstanding bugs.

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 # Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
 VERSION = 8.05
-AUTHOR_VERSION = 8.0.10-devo
+AUTHOR_VERSION = 8.0.12-devo
 MAINTAINER = Robert Widhopf-Fenk <>
 PKG_TYPE = regular
 include ../../XEmacs.rules
-lisp/vm-revno.el: .bzr/branch/last-revision
-	./ version-info
+	cd lisp; ./
+VM 8.0.12-devo
+    * Insert `emacs-version' instead of creating wrong version string for
+      XEmacs, i.e. the patch level was the major version. (Thanks to Stephen
+      Turnbull)
+    * Correctly locate the data directory for the pixmaps when running as a
+      XEmacs package.
 VM 8.0.11
+;;; This is a generated file, do not edit it!
+(setq vm-version "vm-8.0.12-devo-585")
+(setq vm-version-info '(
+  (revdate "2008-08-13 00:18:56 +0200")
+  (revno 585)
+  (revid "")
+  (branch_nick "vm-8.0.x-xemacs")
+  (author "Robert Widhopf-Fenk <>")
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