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VM 8.0.11


    * Removed dependency of vm-revno.el to other lisp sources to avoid
      building it in a release bundle.  (Thanks to Ralf Fassel)

VM 8.0.10


    * This is the first version of VM 8.* to be also released as a XEmacs


    * Added missing documentation for `vm-user-agent', "?" binding and
      'vm-delete-duplicate-messages'.  (Thanks to Alan Wehmann)

    * `vm-message-history.el' now uses a buffer similar to the summary for
      browsing the history.  The buffer replaces the summary buffer when
      present.  Duplicate history entries will be removed.

    * Define and use `vm-replace-in-string' which is `replace-in-string'
      from XEmacs to avoid clashes with other GNU Emacs packages defining
      it differently. Unfortunately, GNU Emacs still does not provide this
      handy function. (Thanks to José Miguel Figueroa)

    * MIME encoding of header will automatically happen now and has been moved
      from `vm-rfaddons.el' to `vm-mime.el' and `vm-vars.el'.


    * Rewrote `vm-message-history.el' to also work for XEmacs.

    * Leading lines of a yanked message were accidently taken as headers and
      got removed if `vm-reply-include-presentation' was t.

    * Fixed encoding of headers for trailing 8 bit characters.  (Thanks to
      Lutz Euler for the patch)

    * Decode (QP-)encoded clear text before decrypting it.

    * Use nil as default for `vm-mime-8bit-composition-charset' and thus
      enable proper detection of right charset.  (Thanks to Naoki Saito for
      reporting and debugging)

    * Fixed bug in `vm-mime-display-external-generic' for GNU Emacs 23 causing
      corrupted content in the output file.  The old code has been replaced by
      a call to `vm-mime-send-body-to-file' which avoids duplication and works.
      There has been some special handling for `vm-fsfemacs-mule-p', but the
      actual reason for this was unclear so it has been removed.

    * Correctly handle `vm-enable-addons' being t.

    * Correctly store UTF-8 strings in the X-VM-v5-Data header to avoid
      corruption of summay lines. (Thanks to Yuning Feng for reporting)

    * Correctly encode multibyte subjects. (Thanks to Yuning Feng for the

    * Use BASE64 for header encoding when there are special chars not quoted
      by QP normally.  You may configure this by `vm-mime-encode-headers-type'.

    * qp-decode program handles premature end of QP-encoded stream now
      gracefully. (Thanks to Ralf Fassel for the bug report, fix and testing)

    * Added missing newline after "Content-Type" when using the command
      `vm-mime-attach-object-from-message'.  (Thanks to Dan Freed)

VM 8.0.9


    * Added documentation to `vm-mime-external-content-types-alist' that no
      extra single quotes should be used around %f as the file name is already
      quoted for the shell. (Thanks to Martin Schwenke)

    * Fixed version number generation in release script.  It was broken for
      8.0.8, i.e. it was showing 8.0.x-xemacs-542 instead.  Now also other
      branch related information is stored in the file vm-revno.el.

VM 8.0.8


    * Reactivated "Allow defadvice on function `vm' by recursing on session
      start".  It should work correctly now.

    * Added interactive `vm-pipe-message-to-command-discard-output' and
      the non-interactive `vm-pipe-message-to-command-to-string' for using
      it in own functions.

    * Added `vm-pipe-messages-to-command*' for bulk piping messages to a
      single command, i.e. like saving to a pipe.  This is substantially
      faster than `vm-pipe-message-to-command*' which call the command on 
      each message separately.  You may want to use it to feed spamassasin.

    * Modified key bindings for piping messages, i.e. "|" is a prefix key
      now. Type it twice to get the old pipe command, "|d" will call the 
      discard the output, just display some infos in the mode line. "|s" 
      will call `vm-pipe-messages-to-command' and "|n" will also call it 
      but discard the output.

    * Removed vm-easymenu.el and use easymenu.el instead.

    * In `vm-save-message-preview', ask the user if the output file already
      exists instead of silently overwriting it.


    * Moved [Undo] to Dispose menu and [Emacs] to Help menu as these do not
      work in Emacs 22 anymore when on the menu bar.

    * Fixed intermixing of signature and quoted text in reply if
      `vm-reply-include-presentation' is t. (Thanks to Roland Winkler for
      debugging and reporting)

    * Fixed yanking of presentation from wrong folder when folder is virtual.
      (Thanks to Roland Winkler for reporting)

    * Redistributed flag not displayed in presentation buffer mode line. 
      https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=428248 (Thanks to Jonathan
      Underwood for the fix)

    * `vm-submit-bug-report' gets the variables dynamically now and thus does
      not miss new ones or references old ones anymore. 

    * Correctly determine the real folder when postponing compositions started
      from a virtual folder. (Thanks to Uday S. Reddy for reporting and 

    * Avoid crash when `vm-mouse-set-mouse-track-highlight' is not called
      within a summary buffer or without a valid message pointer.

    * Do not disable modes which do not exist. (Thanks to Uday S. Reddy for

VM 8.0.7


    * Disable only those minor modes listed in the variable
      `vm-disable-modes-before-encoding' before encoding a
      composition. (Thanks to Alley for reporting and debugging)

    * Removed recursion from function `vm' added by 8.0.6, as it 
      causes startup troubles.

    * Removed extra newline before attachment buttons. (Thanks to Alley for

    * Removed wrongly used calls to `interactive-p'. (Thanks to Alley for
      reporting and debugging)

VM 8.0.6


    * Rewrote INSTALL to be more consistent and more understandable.

    * Allow defadvice on function `vm' by recursing on session start. (Thanks
      to Blueman for the code)


    * Ignore empty reply-to in `vm-ignored-reply-to'.

    * Quoted the variable `vm-summary-format' in a doc string.

    * Fixed typos in the docstring of `vm-mail-send-and-exit'.

    * Disable all minor modes before encoding a composition.  This results in
      faster encoding when font-lock was enabled and avoids problems when
      parts of a MIME object button get expanded due to an abbrev and thus the
      extent/overlay gets split into two separate parts causing an encoding

    * Avoid duplicate mime buttons during decoding. (Thanks to Alley for

    * Mask 8 bit chars by 0xff in `vm-mime-qp-encode-region' to avoid crash
      for those with all higher order bits set (negative ones?) (Thanks to
      Blueman for the fix.)

VM 8.0.5


    * Fixed bug caused by fixing `vm-drop-buffer-name-chars' in 8.0.4.  There
      is a 20-40% chance to create a new bug when fixing one.  Regression
      tests would be nice, but we do not have any for VM ;-/

VM 8.0.4


    * Require cl.el at compile-time only. (Thanks to John J. Foerch)

    * Quiet compiler warning about old style backquotes. (Thanks to John
      J. Foerch)


    * Correctly call custom-add-load. (Thanks to John J. Foerch and

    * Fixed building of vm-cus-load.el for Emacs 21.

    * Use the old default for `vm-primary-inbox', i.e. "~/INBOX".

    * Honor a t in `vm-drop-buffer-name-chars' as documented.

VM 8.0.3


    * Unified `vm-continue-what-message', i.e. first check for composition
      buffers, if none exist then for saved drafts.  Also added new variable


    * Fixed building of autoloads for GNU Emacs.

    * Docfixes for vm-pine.el (Thanks to Stephen Eglen).

    * Resurrected `vm-add-reply-subject-prefix' which was lost by the commit
      of revno 91.

    * Search for BZR only if bzrdir exists and use locate-file only when

    * Use  vm-mime-8bit-composition-charset as a fallback also for MULE Emacs.

    * Fixed defcustom of vm-keep-crash-boxes and vm-spool-files.

    * Fixed the section headers of the NEWS file.

VM 8.0.2


    * Added --with-pixmapdir to configure the location of the pixmaps.

    * DESTDIR-Patch (Ulrich Mueller).


    * Avoid overflow of `buffer-undo-list' when inserting or encoding
      big attachments.

    * defcustom of `vm-mime-all-attachments-directory' should list nil.

    * Honor pre VM 8.0.0 values of `vm-folder-directory' and
      `vm-primary-inbox'. This should eliminate problems with users which
      never changed the defaults. 

    * Use "cygwin-mount" to fix paths when available.

    * Activate summary faces only when requested by vm-enable-addons.

    * Fixed defcustom of `vm-enable-addons' and added documentation.

    * "make install" creates $(bindir) now.

    * Separate paths (e.g. otherdirs) only by semicolons to avoid problems on

    * Handle paths with spaces correctly.

    * Install also pixmaps for GTK enabled Emacs.

    * Just use the first subject when replying/forwarding to a set of
      messages.  This avoids long filenames for saved composition buffers.
    * Ensure we are compiling with an emacs version >= 21.

    * Encode headers regexp and case-fold-search corrected. (Ulrich Mueller)

    * vm-summary-faces-mode does not leak extents anymore.

VM 8.0.1


    In order to get more features from vm-rfaddons set the variable
    `vm-enable-addons' in your ~/.vm.


    * A saner default for vm-shrunken-header-face.

    * Added documentation on vm-shrunken-headers-face and

    * Added a new custom group `vm-faces' for faces.

    * Added autoload token for vm-user-agent.

    * Use INSTALL_PROGRAM instead of INSTALL_DATA for programs.

    * Do not set vm-folder-directory if there is ~/INBOX.  If VM does not get
      mail after upgrading from 7.19 it is probably due to the new default for
      vm-folder-directory, which was nil before.

    * Revised the bindings and enabled features to a hopefully less
      controversial setting. 

VM 8.0.0


    VM is now in my hands and I will do my best to keep it alive!

    | From: Kyle Jones <kyle_jones@wonderworks.com>
    | To: Robert Widhopf-Fenk <hack@robf.de>
    | Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 13:11:32 -0800
    | Subject: Handing over VM?
    | Robert Widhopf-Fenk writes:
    |  > Hi Kyle,
    |  > 
    |  > I have been maintaining VM "unofficially" for the last few
    |  > years and now I want to become the official maintainer of
    |  > VM.
    |  > 
    |  > Do I get your OK?
    | Yes.  Obviously I've moved on, though I've been slow to admit it
    | to myself.  Good luck.
    * My (robf) VM extensions are now activated by default, where it makes
      sense to me.

    * Releases are numbered now MAJOR.MINOR.PATCHLEVEL, where MAJOR is
      increased when fundamental changes occur, MINOR for new features and
      PATCHLEVEL for bugfix releases.

    * New cleaner source tree layout.

    * Better built system based on configure.  Autoloads are generated only
      for those functions marked with the autoload token now, which are mainly
      interactive function. Thus, loading occurs only on demand and startup
      should be faster.

    * All bugs reported to gnu.emacs.vm.bugs, gnu.emacs.vm.info and directly
      to me are fixed either by the patches posted by others or me.

    * If there are any missing autoloads, please report them and add a
      (require 'vm-SOURCE) to your ~/.vm!

    * Probably added numerous new bugs.

  IMPROVEMENTS: compared to 7.19 (not vmrf)

    * A new icon set based on vm-small-pixmaps.tgz which was floating around.
      This one should fit by height to the one used in XEmacs and Emacs 22,
      but it is slightly larger than those used in Emacs 21.  If you see the
      old icons, the please set the variables `vm-image-directory' and
      `vm-toolbar-pixmap-directory' to nil in your ~/.vm!

    * vm-mime-type-converter-alist now also works when replying to messages,
      i.e. for text/html one can use lynx or w3m for the conversion.
      (setq vm-mime-type-converter-alist
	'(("text/html" "text/plain" "lynx -force_html -dump /dev/stdin")))

    * Postponing (draft handling) of compositions and continuing of drafts, in
      fact any messages also those from other people. (Info node: Sending

    * New mail header insertion functions for return-receipts, mail-priority
      and FCC.

    * More virtual folder selectors and replacements of other functions based
      on selectors. (Info node: Virtual Folders)

    * vm-serial.el provides message templates for composition and
      personalizes mass emails. (Info node: TODO)
    * vm-biff.el for popups with a list of new messages.

    * vm-rfaddons.el has various stuff, look at the source if you are curious
      or miss some VM feature, as it might already be there!

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