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  2. vm


vm / Makefile-kj

# All versions of Emacs prior to 19.34 for Emacs and
# prior to 19.14 for XEmacs are unsupported.

# what emacs is called on your system
EMACS = emacs

# top of the installation
prefix = /usr/local

# where the Info file should go
INFODIR = ${prefix}/lib/emacs/info

# where the vm.elc, tapestry.elc, etc. files should go
LISPDIR = ${prefix}/lib/emacs/site-lisp

# where the toolbar pixmaps should go.
# vm-toolbar-pixmap-directory must point to the same place.
# vm-image-directory must point to the same place.
PIXMAPDIR = ${prefix}/lib/emacs/etc/vm

# where the binaries should be go.
BINDIR = ${prefix}/bin

############## no user servicable parts beyond this point ###################

# no csh please
SHELL = /bin/sh

# byte compiler options
BYTEOPTS = ./vm-byteopts.el

# have to preload the files that contain macro definitions or the
# byte compiler will compile everything that references them
# incorrectly.  also preload a file that sets byte compiler options.
PRELOADS = -l $(BYTEOPTS) -l ./vm-version.el -l ./vm-message.el -l ./vm-macro.el -l ./vm-vars.el  

# compile with noninteractive and relatively clean environment
BATCHFLAGS = -batch -q -no-site-file

# files that contain key macro definitions.  almost everything
# depends on them because the byte-compiler inlines macro
# expansions.  everything also depends on the byte compiler
# options file since this might do odd things like turn off
# certain compiler optimizations.
CORE = vm-message.el vm-macro.el vm-byteopts.el

# vm-version.elc needs to be first in this list, because load time
# code needs the Emacs/XEmacs MULE/no-MULE feature stuff.
    vm-version.elc \
    vm-crypto.elc \
    vm-delete.elc vm-digest.elc vm-easymenu.elc vm-edit.elc vm-folder.elc \
    vm-imap.elc vm-license.elc vm-macro.elc vm-mark.elc vm-menu.elc \
    vm-message.elc \
    vm-mime.elc vm-minibuf.elc vm-misc.elc vm-motion.elc \
    vm-mouse.elc vm-page.elc vm-pop.elc vm-reply.elc \
    vm-save.elc \
    vm-search.elc vm-sort.elc vm-summary.elc vm-startup.elc vm-thread.elc \
    vm-toolbar.elc vm-undo.elc \
    vm-user.elc vm-vars.elc vm-virtual.elc vm-window.elc

    vm-version.el \
    vm-crypto.el \
    vm-delete.el vm-digest.el vm-easymenu.el vm-edit.el vm-folder.el \
    vm-imap.el vm-license.el vm-macro.el vm-mark.el vm-menu.el vm-message.el \
    vm-mime.el vm-minibuf.el vm-misc.el vm-motion.el \
    vm-mouse.el vm-page.el vm-pop.el vm-reply.el vm-save.el \
    vm-search.el vm-sort.el vm-startup.el vm-summary.el vm-thread.el \
    vm-toolbar.el vm-undo.el \
    vm-user.el vm-vars.el vm-virtual.el vm-window.el

UTILS = qp-decode qp-encode base64-decode base64-encode

vm:	vm.elc

vm.elc:	autoload

noautoload:	$(OBJECTS) tapestry.elc
	@echo "building vm.elc (with all modules included)..."
	@cat $(OBJECTS) tapestry.elc > vm.elc

autoload:	vm-autoload.elc $(OBJECTS) tapestry.elc
	@echo "building vm.elc (with all modules set to autoload)..."
	@echo "(defun vm-its-such-a-cruel-world ()" > vm.el
	@echo "   (require 'vm-version)" >> vm.el
	@echo "   (require 'vm-startup)" >> vm.el
	@echo "   (require 'vm-vars)" >> vm.el
	@echo "   (require 'vm-autoload))" >> vm.el
	@echo "(vm-its-such-a-cruel-world)" >> vm.el
	@echo "(fmakunbound 'vm-its-such-a-cruel-world)" >> vm.el
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm.el

all:	vm.info vm utils

debug:	$(SOURCES) tapestry.el
	@echo "building vm.elc (uncompiled, no autoloads)..."
	@cat $(SOURCES) tapestry.el > vm.elc

utils: $(UTILS)

qp-decode: qp-decode.c
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o qp-decode qp-decode.c

qp-encode: qp-encode.c
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o qp-encode qp-encode.c

base64-decode: base64-decode.c
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o base64-decode base64-decode.c

base64-encode: base64-encode.c
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o base64-encode base64-encode.c

install: all install-info install-el install-vm install-pixmaps install-utils

install-info: vm.info
	test -d $(INFODIR) || mkdir -p $(INFODIR)
	cp vm.info vm.info-* $(INFODIR)

install-vm: vm.elc
	test -d $(LISPDIR) || mkdir -p $(LISPDIR)
	cp *.elc $(LISPDIR)

	test -d $(LISPDIR) || mkdir -p $(LISPDIR)
	cp *.el $(LISPDIR)

	test -d $(PIXMAPDIR) || mkdir -p $(PIXMAPDIR)
	cp pixmaps/*.x[pb]m $(PIXMAPDIR)

install-utils: $(UTILS)
	test -d $(BINDIR) || mkdir -p $(BINDIR)
	cp $(UTILS) $(BINDIR)

	rm -f $(UTILS) vm.info vm.info-* vm-autoload.el vm-autoload.elc $(OBJECTS) tapestry.elc

vm.info:	vm.texinfo
	@echo "making vm.info..."
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) -insert vm.texinfo -l texinfmt -f texinfo-format-buffer -f save-buffer

# We use tr -d because Emacs under Cygwin apparently outputs CRLF
# under Windows.  We remove the CRs.
# Solaris 8's tr -d '\r' removes r's so we use '\015' instead.
# the echo command can also emit CRs.
vm-autoload.elc:	$(SOURCES)
	@echo scanning sources to build autoload definitions...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) -l ./make-autoloads -f print-autoloads $(SOURCES) | tr -d '\015' > vm-autoload.el
	@echo "(provide 'vm-autoload)" | tr -d '\015' >> vm-autoload.el
	@echo compiling vm-autoload.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) -l $(BYTEOPTS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-autoload.el

vm-crypto.elc:	vm-crypto.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-crypto.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-crypto.el

vm-delete.elc:	vm-delete.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-delete.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-delete.el

vm-digest.elc:	vm-digest.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-digest.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-digest.el

vm-edit.elc:	vm-edit.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-edit.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-edit.el

vm-folder.elc:	vm-folder.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-folder.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-folder.el

vm-imap.elc:	vm-imap.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-imap.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-imap.el

vm-license.elc:	vm-license.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-license.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-license.el

vm-macro.elc:	vm-macro.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-macro.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-macro.el

vm-mark.elc:	vm-mark.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-mark.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-mark.el

vm-menu.elc:	vm-menu.el vm-easymenu.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-menu.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -l ./vm-easymenu.el -f batch-byte-compile vm-menu.el

vm-message.elc:	vm-message.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-message.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-message.el

vm-minibuf.elc:	vm-minibuf.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-minibuf.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-minibuf.el

vm-mime.elc:	vm-mime.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-mime.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-mime.el

vm-misc.elc:	vm-misc.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-misc.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-misc.el

vm-mouse.elc:	vm-mouse.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-mouse.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-mouse.el

vm-motion.elc:	vm-motion.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-motion.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-motion.el

vm-page.elc:	vm-page.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-page.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-page.el

vm-pop.elc:	vm-pop.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-pop.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-pop.el

vm-reply.elc:	vm-reply.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-reply.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-reply.el

vm-save.elc:	vm-save.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-save.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-save.el

vm-search.elc:	vm-search.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-search.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-search.el

vm-sort.elc:	vm-sort.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-sort.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-sort.el

vm-startup.elc:	vm-startup.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-startup.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-startup.el

vm-summary.elc:	vm-summary.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-summary.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-summary.el

vm-thread.elc:	vm-thread.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-thread.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-thread.el

vm-toolbar.elc:	vm-toolbar.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-toolbar.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-toolbar.el

vm-undo.elc:	vm-undo.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-undo.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-undo.el

vm-user.elc:	vm-user.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-user.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-user.el

vm-vars.elc:	vm-vars.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-vars.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-vars.el

vm-version.elc:	vm-version.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-version.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-version.el

vm-virtual.elc:	vm-virtual.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-virtual.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-virtual.el

vm-window.elc:	vm-window.el $(CORE)
	@echo compiling vm-window.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) $(PRELOADS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-window.el

tapestry.elc:	tapestry.el
	@echo compiling tapestry.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) -l $(BYTEOPTS) -f batch-byte-compile tapestry.el

vm-easymenu.elc:	vm-easymenu.el
	@echo compiling vm-easymenu.el...
	@$(EMACS) $(BATCHFLAGS) -l $(BYTEOPTS) -f batch-byte-compile vm-easymenu.el