This directory tree holds version p4.0pre.46 of Emacs/W3, the fully
customizable, largely undocumented web browser for Emacs.

You may encounter bugs in this release.  If you do, please report
them; your bug reports are valuable contributions to Emacs/W3, since
they allow us to notice and fix problems on machines we don't have, or
in code we don't use often.  See the file BUGS for more information on
how to report bugs.

The file INSTALL in this directory says how to bring up Emacs/W3 on
Unix, once you have loaded the entire subtree of this directory.

Note that the Emacs/W3 installation procedure has changed since
version 2.x; you will probably want to read the file INSTALL even if
you have installed Emacs/W3 before.  The new procedure is intended to
simplify installation, and make it easier to upgrade in the future.

Reports of bugs in Emacs/W3 should be sent to the mailing list
wmperry+w3@cs.indiana.edu.  See the "Reporting Bugs" section of the
Emacs/W3 manual for more information on how to report bugs.  See the
"More Help" section of the Emacs/W3 manual for more information on
mailing lists relating to Emacs/W3.

The file `configure' is a shell script to acclimate Emacs to the
oddities of your processor and operating system.  It creates the file
`Makefile' (a script for the `make' program), which automates the
process of building and installing Emacs.  See INSTALL for more
detailed information.

There are several subdirectories:

`etc' holds miscellaneous architecture-independent data files
`lisp' holds the lisp code for Emacs/W3
`texi' holds the documentation tree for Emacs/W3
`contrib' holds user-contributed utilities that are not officially supported