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BUGS (4.0):
- trim down w3-sysdp.el to be just the stuff it really needs
- border-color can have multiple color specifications, but we
  currently choke with 'args out of range' when we see this.
- widget appears to be stealing button3 to mean 'activate' - this is
  bogus!  We lose all context-sensitive menus because of this.
- We still seem to be growing the line size under Emacs 19.x/20.x
- document how to translate Netscape foo.pac files to emacs lisp

BUGS (4.1):
- background colors are not heeded on table rows (<tr>).  Same
  properties on individual cells or the table as a whole work fine.
- <br> in <dd> hosed - margins in general tend to be too big sometimes.
- client side imagemaps have to be in the same buffer (actually in the
  smae buffer, _BEFORE_ the usemap directive on an image) - fix to be
  able to use imagemaps in different files, any position, etc, etc.

- More tweaks to the hotindex stuff from Laurent Martelli <martelli@iie.cnam.fr>
    + Ask  to delete unresolved  entries.  Right now, keywords are
    associated to hotlist entries on the basis of entry names.  It
    means  that if you  rename  an  entry with a  hotindex-unaware
    W3/Emacs, hotindex will refuse  work. Same thing if you delete
    an entry. Of course, it would really be better to use the href
    instead of the entry name.

    +  Keywords weighting :  it  would be  nice to give  different
    weight to keywords  in  order to  precise the  relevance  of a
    keyword for a document. Query results woudl  then be sorted by

    +  Hotindex file  sharing  :  wouldn't it  be   nice  to share
    keywords files with your friends? Ideally,  one should be able
    to specify a list of keywords file to search in. Entries found
    in the first files would match  better than those found at the

    + Automatically add  keywords found in  meta  tags and procide
    additional methods to automatically index documents.

    * Multi keyword search
- w3-(un)?plugged, w3-toggle-plugged to control url-standalone-mode in
  a convenient, user-friendly way.
- Nice custom-y way to create an HTTP request.  This would allow
  people to use HTTP PUT to upload documents to HTTP servers, etc.
- cache a formatted version of documents, with enough info to recreate
  the widgets in them.
- keystrokes and supporting infrastructure to prefetch URLs from
  within a document that you are likely to read next.  Don't even parse
  or render them David Kastrup <dak@neuroinformatik.ruhr-uni-bochum.de>
- Emacspeak Interaction
  - some way of specifying in a stylesheet whether certain text is
    inaudible.  use the 'inaudible text property for this.
  - Full Aural-CSS support
- more sophisticated filling algorithm. I'm not sure exactly what
  would be sufficient but breaking lines after punctuation  seems like
  it would solve most of the problem.
- When fetching images for viewing (not inlining), W3 should at least
  have an option of displaying it inline, ala Netscape.
- Widget library merging
  - Write a font selection widget
  - Write a voice selection widget
  - Write a mailcap entry widget
- Custom library merging
  - Add custom support for MM
- Hotlist handling
  - Abstract out current support
  - Do something similar to GNUS 'backends' to provide easy way to add new
    bookmark formats, etc.
- Write a new major mode for handling CSS style sheets

- Emacspeak Integration
  - Need option to turn off table rendering and print it out as a
    table that is viewable with emacspeak-table-ui.el
- Write a text/xml parser
- Completely rewrite display code again
  - Abstract everything out to follow parse->flow objects->render model
  - Base all stylesheet stuff off of DSSSL
  - CSS2
  - New rendering backends
    - Native postscript output
    - LaTeX upgrade
    - TeXinfo
- Display code
  - implement <spacer> from netscape 3.0b5
  - reimplement w3-show-headers
  - Handle math environment using the calc library
  - Better integration with the parser

- Get in touch with "Rob" == Rob Partington <rjp@netlink.co.uk> about
  registering w3.browser.org
- Legal Papers (status - emailed necessary paperwork)
  - Stephen Peters <speters@cygnus.com> - LaTeX code (???)