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Martin's Monster Mega typo patch

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+2000-10-05  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>
+	* *: Mega typo fix.
 2000-08-22  Steve Youngs  <youngs@xemacs.org>
 	* Makefile: Remove target 'clean' because it's covered in XEmacs.rules.

File configure

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 echo "$ac_t""" "" 1>&6
-echo "$ac_t"""Sucessfully configured Emacs/W3"" 1>&6
+echo "$ac_t"""Successfully configured Emacs/W3"" 1>&6
 if test -n "$EMACS_PACKAGE_DIR"; then
    echo "$ac_t"""Using package root:                ${EMACS_PACKAGE_DIR}"" 1>&6

File configure.in

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-AC_MSG_RESULT("Sucessfully configured Emacs/W3")
+AC_MSG_RESULT("Successfully configured Emacs/W3")
 if test -n "$EMACS_PACKAGE_DIR"; then
    AC_MSG_RESULT("Using package root:                ${EMACS_PACKAGE_DIR}")

File texi/w3.txi

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 This is similar to @code{as-nil}, but Emacs/W3 will ask if you want to
 retrieve the frames.
 @item t
-Emacs/W3 will dispaly the hyperlinks and fetch the frames.
+Emacs/W3 will display the hyperlinks and fetch the frames.
 @end table
 @item w3-bullets
 @item w3-horizontal-rule-char
 @vindex w3-horizontal-rule-char
-Many @sc{html} pages use horizontal lines (rules) to seperate sections
+Many @sc{html} pages use horizontal lines (rules) to separate sections
 of the page.  You can control what character Emacs/W3 will use to draw
 these by setting @code{w3-horizontal-rule-char}.  If it is a character
 (@emph{not} a string) then Emacs/W3 will replicate that character across
 and parse it, otherwise you get a directory listing in @samp{dired}
 mode.  If the @sc{url} refers to a file on a remote host, then Emacs/W3
 uses @samp{ange-ftp} (@pxref{Top, , ange-ftp}) or @samp{efs}
-(@pxref{Top, , efs}) to retrive the file.  ftp:// and file:// are
+(@pxref{Top, , efs}) to retrieve the file.  ftp:// and file:// are
 synonymous for Emacs/W3.
 @node ftp, nfs, file, Supported URLs