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File lisp/w3-about.el

      <dd> The master of the XEmacs display code, which makes many of
           the really cool things in Emacs-w3 possible.  I owe him
           copious amounts of beer.
-     <dt> Ben Wing &lt;;
+     <dt> Ben Wing &lt;;
      <dd> Another main XEmacs developer, and the man behind the
           PearlSoft port of XEmacs to windows.  I owe him his choice
           of alcoholic beverage as well.
-     <dt> Jamie Zawinski &lt;;
+     <dt> Jamie Zawinski &lt;;
      <dd> The main Lucid Emacs developer, now working for netscape on
           Mozilla.  Helped me do the initial integration with Lucid
           Emacs by telling me about stupid mistakes I made. :)

File lisp/w3-sysdp.el

 ;; Copyright (c) 1995 - 1997 Ben Wing.
-;; Author: Ben Wing <>, William Perry <>
+;; Author: Ben Wing <>, William Perry <>
 ;; Keywords: lisp, tools
 ;; Version: 0.003