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Migrate .cvsignore files to a single .hgignore file.
In addition:
- Restore CVS keyword expansions that were lost during the switch to Mercurial
- Update texinfo sources for texinfo 5.x

See <> in
xemacs-patches and followups for details.

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+2014-05-13  Jerry James  <>
+	* .cvsignore: Remove.
+	* lisp/.cvsignore: Remove.
+	* texi/.cvsignore: Remove.
+	* .hgignore: New file.
+	* texi/w3.txi: Restore CVS keyword expansions.  Update for texinfo
+	5.x.
 2012-05-15  Norbert Koch  <>
 	* Makefile (VERSION): XEmacs package 1.38 released.




 @c site:
-@settitle Emacs/W3 $State: Exp $ User's Manual
+@settitle Emacs/W3 v4.0pre.47 User's Manual
 @c @finalout
 @end iftex
 @vindex w3-user-fonts-take-precedence
 Emacs/W3 will ignore attempts by stylesheets or font tags to change
 certain fonts if this is non-@code{nil}.
+@end table
 @subsection Asynchronous behaviour
+@table @code
 @item url-be-asynchronous
 @vindex url-be-asynchronous
 If this is non-@code{nil} then document retrievals over @sc{http} will
 Custom library merging
-@bullet{Add custom support for MM}
+@itemize @bullet
+@item Add custom support for MM
+@end itemize
 Hotlist handling