w3 / TODO

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BUGS (4.0):
- It would be really nice if w3 buffers were put into w3-mode as soon
  as they were created. Then if the rendering craps out somehow then
  the buffer could be browsed such as it was. Ideally, links and
  widgets would be functional.
- get rid of the preferences menu and integrate custom more tightly.
- document how to translate Netscape foo.pac files to emacs lisp
- Should we stop using reporter.el?
- Makefile/batchfile for building under win32

BUGS (4.1):
- background colors are not heeded on table rows (<tr>).  Same
  properties on individual cells or the table as a whole work fine.
- <br> in <dd> hosed - margins in general tend to be too big sometimes.
- client side imagemaps have to be in the same buffer (actually in the
  smae buffer, _BEFORE_ the usemap directive on an image) - fix to be
  able to use imagemaps in different files, any position, etc, etc.

- LDAP support
- New proxy type for sending requests via mail to a mail->web->mail gateway.
- Emacspeak Interaction
  - some way of specifying in a stylesheet whether certain text is
    inaudible.  use the 'inaudible text property for this.
  - Full Aural-CSS support
- more sophisticated filling algorithm. I'm not sure exactly what
  would be sufficient but breaking lines after punctuation  seems like
  it would solve most of the problem.
- When fetching images for viewing (not inlining), W3 should at least
  have an option of displaying it inline, ala Netscape.
- Widget library merging
  - Write a font selection widget
  - Write a voice selection widget
  - Write a mailcap entry widget
- Custom library merging
  - Add custom support for MM
- Hotlist handling
  - Abstract out current support
  - Do something similar to GNUS 'backends' to provide easy way to add new
    bookmark formats, etc.
- Write a new major mode for handling CSS style sheets

- Emacspeak Integration
  - Need option to turn off table rendering and print it out as a
    table that is viewable with emacspeak-table-ui.el
- Write a text/xml parser
- Completely rewrite display code again
  - Abstract everything out to follow parse->flow objects->render model
  - Base all stylesheet stuff off of DSSSL
  - New rendering backends
    - Native postscript output
    - LaTeX upgrade
    - TeXinfo
- Display code
  - implement <spacer> from netscape 3.0b5
  - reimplement w3-show-headers
  - Handle math environment using the calc library
  - Better integration with the parser

- Get in touch with "Rob" == Rob Partington <> about
- Legal Papers (status - emailed necessary paperwork)
  - Stephen Peters <> - LaTeX code (???)