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### README --- semi WYSIWYG for LaTeX, HTML, etc, using additional fonts

## Author: Christoph Wedler <>
## Maintainer: (Please use `M-x x-symbol-package-bug' to contact the maintainer)
## Version: 4.5
## Keywords: WYSIWYG, LaTeX, HTML, wp, math, internationalization
## X-URL:

You have downloaded the source distribution of the beta version of package
X-Symbol.  It is intended to be used by developers.  Most users are better
off with the binary distribution x-symbol-VERSION-pkg.tar.gz.

## Emacs: ====================================================================

The installation of X-Symbol on Emacs can be improved.

The file Makefile.emacs is used to compile the binary package (elc files for
XEmacs) for Emacs.  For details, see

If you do not want to use the binary distribution and follow the installation
instructions on the web page, you might want to try "lisp/Makefile".  For the
info file, check "man/Makefile".

Any help in improving the installation of X-Symbol on Emacs is highly
appreciated!  Err, that means, I very much prefer patches to suggestions in
this area...

The best mid- to long-term contribution would be to help the Emacs team with
the implementation of a package system.  It has already considered as useful,
the authors of XEmacs' package system have signed papers, there are just people
missing doing the work...

## XEmacs: ===================================================================

Check & use the Makefile in this directory.

If you want to produce & compile all lisp files, produce the info files and
produce & compile & install the font files, invoke

     make -k all

Recent activity


Commits by sperber-guest were pushed to xemacs/x-symbol

b284676 - mouse-yank-function missing in XEmacs build with no window system -------------------- ChangeLog entries follow: -------------------- xemacs-packages/x-symbol/ChangeLog addition: 2010-09-07 Mats Lidell <> * lisp/x-symbol-nomule.el (x-symbol-nomule-mouse-yank-function): XEmacs build ...

Commits by sperber-guest were pushed to xemacs/x-symbol

6391425 - Check for XEmacs support for image instantiators, x-symbol-vars.el

Commits by aidan were pushed to xemacs/x-symbol

21e0773 - Abstract out a display-table-specific API, x-symbol
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