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youngs  committed 164453e

2003-12-09 Steve Youngs <sryoungs@bigpond.net.au>

* man/x-symbol.texi: Update to latest edition.

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+2003-12-09  Steve Youngs  <sryoungs@bigpond.net.au>
+	* man/x-symbol.texi: Update to latest edition.
 2003-12-06  Norbert Koch  <viteno@xemacs.org>
 	* Makefile (VERSION): XEmacs package 1.08 released.

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 @settitle X-Symbol Manual
 @setchapternewpage odd
-@set edition 4.5.1
+@set edition 4.5.2
 @set version 4.5.1
-@set update May 2003
+@set update December 2003
 @set url http://x-symbol.sourceforge.net
 @set maintainer wedler@@users.sourceforge.net
 @set listdevel x-symbol-devel@@lists.sourceforge.net
+@set imagemagickurl http://www.imagemagick.org/
+@set proofgeneralurl http://proofgeneral.inf.ed.ac.uk
+@set sgmlentitiesurl http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/sgml/entities.html
 @c for cross references to other manuals
 @ifset GNU
 @set subedition Emacs
 @set kpathsea kpathsea
 @set kpathseaman Kpathsea Manual
 @syncodeindex fn vr
 @c %**end of header
 @dircategory Editors
 @code{\includegraphics@{@var{file}@}} in La@TeX{}, @code{<img
 src=@var{file}>} in HTML).  They show a scaled-down version of the
 included image files (using @code{convert} from
-@uref{http://www.imagemagick.org/,ImageMagick}).  A single mouse click
+@uref{@value{imagemagickurl},ImageMagick}).  A single mouse click
 on the image or command invokes the image editor for the corresponding
 image file.
 @pindex convert
 If you want to see the images at the end of image insertion commands,
 install @code{convert} from
 see @ref{Installing Image Converter}.  They show a scaled-down version
 of the included image files.
 the case, you have to customize the variable
-Check @uref{http://www.imagemagick.org/} for the installation
+Check @uref{@value{imagemagickurl}} for the installation
 instructions.  Run @samp{convert -h} and @samp{convert -list Format} (in
 newer versions of ImageMagick) in your shell to check whether the
 installation of ImageMagick was successful.  If you have problems, check
 should be fixed in @code{ispell}, see @ref{Wishlist Emacs}.  @xref{FAQ
 Spell Check}.
+@item ProofGeneral
 @pindex ProofGeneral
 Use a future version (hopefully v3.4).  Includes special X-Symbol
 initialization/handling and defines additional token languages.
 @pindex perl
 In directory @file{~/.xemacs/xemacs-packages/etc/x-symbol/fonts/},
 execute @code{make mkdirs}, and @code{make pcfs}.  You need GNUs
-@code{make} and @code{perl}, Version 5 (or higher).
+@code{make} and @code{perl}, Version 5 (or higher).  You might need to
+check the permissions of the created files (@pxref{Installing Files}).
 If your Emacs runs on a different machine or if you want to use the
 If we have exactly one blank, the blank is a space, and it is not
 followed by a @samp{%} (comment character), replace the macro by the
-corresponding character and delete the space.  (The character following
-the space must be a letter with unique decoding, see @ref{Unique Decoding}.)
+corresponding character and delete the space.  (With unique decoding,
+the character following the space must be a letter.)
 Otherwise, do @emph{not decode} the macro!
 Note that these macros are also defined @file{amssymb.sty}.  Since the
 first four macros are defined differently (better) in
-@file{latexsym.sty}, it does make sense to load both La@TeX{} packages.
+@file{latexsym.sty}, it does make sense to load both La@TeX{} packages
+(e.g., @file{amssymb.sty} simply defines @code{\Diamond} to be the same
+as @code{\lozenge}).
 The @TeX{} macros @code{\boldsymbol}, @code{\circledast},
 @code{\circledcirc}, @code{\circleddash}, @code{\digamma},
 Most character entities of HTML-4.0 are supported, except the following:
 uppercase Greek which look like uppercase Latin, ``markup-significant
 and internationalization'' characters, and some quotes.  See
 By default, we encode to entity references like @code{&amp;}, and decode
 from both entity references and character references like @code{&#38;}.
 @pindex ProofGeneral
 @cindex Isabelle Symbol
-Package ProofGeneral defines token language ``Isabelle symbol''.
+Package @uref{@value{proofgeneralurl},ProofGeneral} defines token
+language ``Isabelle symbol''.
 @end itemize
 @c ===========================================================================
 @c  * faster conversion (I also dropped the support of executables)
-@c As an example, let's look at x-symbol-texi.el):
+@c As an example, let's look at x-symbol-texi.el:
 @c The following vars must now be defined (value nil...)
 @c (defvar x-symbol-texi-token-grammar
 @c   '(x-symbol-make-grammar
-@c     :encode-spec '(?@)
+@c     :encode-spec (?@)
 @c     :decode-regexp
 @c     "@\\(?:[A-Za-z]+{[A-Za-z]?}\\|[{}]\\|[~^\"'`][A-Za-z]\\|,{[A-Za-z]}\\)"
-@c     :decode-spec '(?@))
+@c     :decode-spec (?@))
 @c   "Token grammar for language `texi'.")
-@c (defvar x-symbol-texi-input-token-grammar
-@c   '("@\\(?:[A-Za-z]+{[A-Za-z]?}\\|[{}]\\|[~^\"'`][A-Za-z]\\|,{[A-Za-z]}\\)\\'"
-@c     ?@)
-@c   "Grammar of input method Token for language `texi'.")
 @c In short, not too difficult if the token grammar is regular (even
 @c simpler for SGML entities).  The good news: powerful enough for
 @c irregular token grammar which couldn't be defined with previous versions
 @itemize @bullet
-Solution: Do not redefine standard @TeX{} macros or use unique decoding.
+Solution: Do not redefine standard @TeX{} macros or use unique
+decoding.  @xref{TeX Macro Problems}.
 @end itemize
 would be to delete the space which other people won't like.
 @end itemize
-For an exact description, @xref{TeX Macro Conversion}.
+For an exact description, @xref{TeX Macro Conversion} for an exact description.
 @node FAQ 8bit Chars, FAQ Hyphen, FAQ Additional Spaces, FAQ
 New functions used for interaction with Emacs package @code{comint}.
 This is necessary for new token language ``Isabelle symbol'', to be
-distributed with Emacs package.
+distributed with Emacs package ProofGeneral.
 New characters used for token languages ``@TeX{} macro'' and ``Isabelle
 @code{x-symbol-image-delete-extents} is based on some code in package
-@i{Thanks for patches/reports/suggestions to}: Vladimir Alexiev, David
+@i{Thanks for patches/reports/suggestions to}: Adrian Aichner, Vladimir Alexiev, David
 Aspinall, Masayuki Ataka, Neal Becker, Matthias Berberich, Stefano
 Bianchi, Janusz S. Bien, Uwe Brauer, Alastair Burt, John Collins,
 Laurent Descamps, Frederic Devernay, Carsten Dominik, Steve Dunham,
 I made use of information from the following URLs:
-  @url{http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/sgml/entities.html}