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 ## Author: Christoph Wedler <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>
 ## Maintainer: (Please use `M-x x-symbol-package-bug' to contact the maintainer)
-## Version: 4.4
+## Version: 4.5
 ## Keywords: WYSIWYG, LaTeX, HTML, wp, math, internationalization
 ## X-URL: http://x-symbol.sourceforge.net/
 The installation of X-Symbol on Emacs can be improved.
+The file Makefile.emacs is used to compile the binary package (elc files for
+XEmacs) for Emacs.  For details, see
+   http://x-symbol.sourceforge.net/news.html
 If you do not want to use the binary distribution and follow the installation
 instructions on the web page, you might want to try "lisp/Makefile".  For the
 info file, check "man/Makefile".
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