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x-symbol / ChangeLog.upstream

2003-05-12  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>

	* X-Symbol 4.5.1-beta.

 * Bug fix: unique decoding would not be unique for TeX
   accents starting with \c, \k, \v, \u, \H, \r.
 * Bug fix, Emacs-21.2: Makefile.emacs would not work,
   variable `image-types' is not defined in -batch Emacs.
 * Emacs-21.3.50: Would not work with with default value
   nil for `x-symbol-emacs-has-correct-find-safe-coding'.
 * Emacs: would issue a warning with value "ASCII" for
 * Don't provide Emacs bug workaround for images with
   Emacs-21.3.50.  I want to know why it's necessary, i.e.,
   write an Emacs bug report...
 * New variable `x-symbol-set-coding-system-if-undecided'
   for Emacs, defaults to t.

	Report from Andreas Klein, Eli Tziperman.

2003-03-14  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>

	* X-Symbol 4.5-beta.

 * Bug fix: would not hightlight subscripts when using
   font-lock without any font-lock support mode if X-Symbol
   is turned on the first time, but not automatically.
 * Bug fix, Emacs: would still not work with package
 * Bug fix, XEmacs: using C-s = isearch would not always
   reveal the full subscript command when necessary.
 * Bug workaround, Emacs/Windows: would show boxes instead
   Latin-9 characters, sort characters in Latin-9 bdf file.
 * Emacs/Windows: add origfonts/ to Windows font path.
 * Make contexts |- and |= electric.
 * Provide unzipped PDF and PS version of manual on web.
 * Internal: renamed the prefix of language accesses from
   `x-symbol-' to `x-symbol-LANG-'.
 * Manual, docstring and Makefile updates.

	Report from Felix E. Klee, Gerwin Klein.

2003-01-18  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>

	* X-Symbol 4.4.5-beta.

 * Bug fix, XEmacs: auto-save files would have length 0.
   Functions in `write-region-annotate-functions' are
   called with argument values nil when `do-auto-save'...
 * Bug fix: using `x-symbol-auto-style-alist' won't work.
 * Bug fix: M-x insert-file using package format, i.e.,
   with Emacs-21.4, would decode the whole buffer.
 * Bug fix, Emacs: changes in Makefile for Emacs.
 * Make X-Symbol work when run under a character terminal.
 * Make it possible to disallow X-Symbol for certain
   buffers, by default those visiting a file with a major
   mode having a non-nil mode-class property.
 * Dropped support for XEmacs-20.3.
 * Dropped XEmacs bug workaround for "Wrong point position
   provided for function in `after-insert-file-functions'".
   Might cause warnings with older XEmacs, please report.
 * New extra decode command for accented letters in LaTeX.
 * Delete "roman8" as locale alias for "iso-8859-1".
 * Provide PDF version of manual on web pages.

	Suggestion from Uwe Brauer.

2002-12-08  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>

	* X-Symbol 4.4.4-beta.

 * Bug fixes: conversion would sometimes fail with token
   languages `bib' and `texi' due to wrong grammar.
 * Bug fix, XEmacs: enabling X-Symbol mode could fail due
   to GC ...no elisp function is allowed to use a local
   variable named `values'... nowhere documented, but true.
 * Bug fix, Mule, bug was documented: X-Symbol now respects
   `buffer-file-coding-system'.  With Mule support,
   `x-symbol-default-coding' is now of minor interest.
 * Bug fix, Emacs: would not work with package crypt.
 * Bug fixes: init would sometimes fail with non-latin1
   default font, with wrong default fonts, if font path
   could not be set, or on Emacs without warnings.el.
 * Bug fix: latin-5 char xEA is ecircumflex, not eogonek.
 * With Mule, X-Symbol uses `buffer-file-coding-system' and
   `current-language-environment' to determine the default
   encoding, "locale" is now optional for addition check.
 * Emacs hint: update lisp/isearch.el from Savannah to make
   isearch+GRID work.
 * Remove `sgml-mode' and `xml-mode' as typical major-modes
   for token language sgml.  Would cause init of X-Symbol.
 * Bug fixes, Emacs: changes in Makefile for Emacs.
 * Various minor bug fixes and changes.
 * Update of rpm spec file.
 * Assume to have format.el,v 1.39+ if format is used.

	From Masayuki Ataka, Steve Dunham, Ryurick M. Hristev, Stefan
	Monnier.  Report from Uwe Brauer, Janusz S. Bien, Michael Ebner,
	Harald Muehlboeck, Eli Tziperman, Marco Zunino.

2002-08-30  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>

	* X-Symbol 4.4.3-beta.

 * Token language `sgml': always encode characters to
   entity references by default.  Not possible with most
   Latin-N chars, where we still use character entities.
   Token classes symbol and noname replace class non-l1.
 * Token languages `tex'/`bibtex': support some symbols of
   package "stmaryrd", i.e., add \bigsqcap, use \llbracket,
   \rrbracket, \llparenthesis, \rrparenthesis instead
   \lsemantics, \rsemantics, \lcata, \rcata.
 * Include xml-mode, hm--html-mode and html-helper-mode as
   typical major-modes for token language sgml.
 * Change the auto-style, formerly auto-mode, mechanism.
   Introduce language-specific auto-styles to make the
   registration of external language easier.
 * New input method QUAIL, a usual Mule input method.
 * Slightly changed/extended contexts and keybindings,
   allow digits in contexts.
 * Allow to use "Turkish" encoding on XEmacs/NT which is
   the same as Latin-5.  Since "Central European" is not
   the same as Latin-2, there is still no support there for
   iso8859-2, iso8859-3, and xsymb1 characters.
 * Super-/subscript matching of token languages has
   changed: languages specify a matcher functions, not
   extra font-lock keywords anymore.
 * font-lock keywords are not language specific anymore,
   matching is independent of whether to use faces or
   Emacs-21's display properties `raise', `height', and
   `invisible' with the new font-lock of Emacs-21.4.
 * Make it possibible to compile language files without
   package X-Symbol, useful for external languages.
 * Some language accesses are optional now.
 * Make it easier to set fonts.
 * Makefile for Emacs, manual uses variables for references
   to the Emacs/XEmacs Manual, AucTeX, RefTeX etc.

	From Masayuki Ataka.  Suggestion from Solofo Ramangalahy.

2002-07-08  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>

	* X-Symbol 4.4.2-beta.

 * Bug fix: would mess up encoding of math-mode characters
   with token language bib, or more generally, of tokens
   with a non-nil shape in a language using the default
   encode function.  Fortunately with an error message...
 * Make it easier to change the font size.

	Report from Peter M�ller Neergaard.

2002-06-20  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>

	* X-Symbol 4.4.1-beta.

 * Image support when running on Emacs.
 * Would signal error with XEmacs-21.1.
 * X-Symbol's auto-conversion can be based on corrected
   version of package format, in Emacs-21.4.

	Report from Uwe Brauer.

2002-06-07  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>

	* X-Symbol 4.4-beta.

 * Updated manual.  "X-Symbol Internals" still outdated.
 * Make X-Symbol really work with WhizzyTeX, see 4.3.3.
 * Various minor changes.

	Report from Dedier Remy.

2002-05-16  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>

	* X-Symbol 4.3.3-beta.

 * Separate unique decoding from 8bit encoding, it is
   independent.  Make safer for undefined latin charsets.
 * Would break WhizzyTeX, i.e., would ignore annotations of
   previous functions in write-region-annotate-functions.
 * Would always show the charsym names in menus.
 * Menu reorganization: "Conversion" submenu, radio options.
 * Interactive conversion with and without recoding.
 * Would not decode @{ and @} in texi.
 * Define the 7 unused character in latin-3 as unused, for

2002-04-26  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>

	* X-Symbol 4.3.2-alpha.

 * Latin-9 support.  Latin-9 font included in distribution.
   Cannot be used as default coding on XEmacs before v21.5.
 * Works with XEmacs-21.4+ on MS-Windows.  Of course, it
   just supports a limited number of characters and no
   super- and subscripts there due to missing fonts.
 * LaTeX buffers inherit the 8bit encoding from `TeX-master'
   if not disabled via `x-symbol-tex-use-master-coding'.
 * Safety improvements if not all Latin charsets are
   supported: unique decoding, modeline additition,...
 * Changed final bytes of ISO 2022 escape sequence for
   X-Symbol charsets since Emacs reserves the characters
   [0-9] for itself.  XEmacs also uses [?].
 * Info for token: unify classes inputenc and new-inputenc.
 * Dropped workaround for list-mode bug in XEmacs-20.X.

2002-04-23  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>

	* X-Symbol 4.3.1-alpha.

 * Would not be able to turn on X-Symbol in _region_.tex if
   created from a buffer where X-Symbol was never turned on.
 * In XEmacs, would set standard default font according to
   buffer default font where X-Symbol was first initialized.
 * In XEmacs, again specify :size for `x-symbol-info-face',
   would get huge fonts otherwise in some situations.
 * In XEmacs, allow button3 on modeline to enable X-Symbol
   before X-Symbol has been initialized.
 * Encoding characters with an odd number of preceeding
   escape chars induce an additional space.  E.g., in tex,
   "\"+`arrowright' is encoded to "\ \to" instead "\\to".
 * Internal: unify before-context and escape-char handling.

2002-04-17  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>

	* X-Symbol 4.2.3-alpha.

 * Corrected input method TOKEN for TeX, and READ TOKEN.
 * New commands "Copy Encoded" and "Paste Decoded", in menu.
 * New value `unique' for `x-symbol-8bits' is now also used
   for input method token, and automatically set, in menu.
 * Use 8bit if 8bit chars are in the file originally.
 * Internal: extra language access for input method TOKEN.

2002-04-15  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>

	* X-Symbol 4.2.2-alpha.

 * New token language "BibTeX macro" (bib), similar to old
   "TeX macro" (tex).
 * Changes in token language (tex): deleted \slash, \ldots,
   \vdots back to math-mode, but with info "gobbles space".
 * Deleted token language (utex), instead: new value
   `unique' for `x-symbol-8bits' which is more general.
 * The interface for defining a token language has changed,
   it is also much more general, useful for ProofGeneral.
 * Nuked executables, the lisp conversion for all languages
   is now 2-5 times faster.
 * Special coding for preview-latex.  Using X-Symbol now
   only gives a 10% overhead of preview's parsing time.

	Report from David Kastrup, Jan-Ake Larsson.

2002-03-28  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>

	* X-Symbol 4.2.1-alpha.

 * Token language TeX has changed, special conversion: no
   exessive use of braces anymore, no excessive
   normalization, much faster, and aware of {tabbing},
   {verbatim} and \verb.
 * Reading and saving old files should work without TeX code
   change except for \ldots, \vdots, \angle, \slash: they are
 * Removed unwanted braces around accented chars and other
   text-mode TeX macros via M-x x-symbol-conv-decode-old-tex
 * Other TeX macro changes: added \texteuro, corrected \^\j,
   nuked alternatives \lbrace, \rbrace, \Vert.

	Suggestion from David Kastrup, Christophe Raffalli.

	* X-Symbol (sync w/ v3.4.2).

 * Would signal error during encoding when executables are

2002-03-21  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>

	* X-Symbol 4.1.1-beta (sync w/ v3.4.1).

 * Corrected and better "locale" handling.

	Report from Gerard Zwaan.

2002-03-12  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@users.sourceforge.net>

	* X-Symbol 4.1-beta (sync w/ v3.4).

 * Moved to SourceForge.net.
 * Bug fix: writing a remote file via ange-ftp would not work.
 * Automatically deduce default coding via "locale -ck LC_CTYPE".

	Report from Stephen Eglen.

2002-01-09  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@fmi.uni-passau.de>

	* X-Symbol 4.0h/beta (sync w/ v3.3i).
 * Bug fix write-region would always save the whole buffer
   if X-Symbol is enabled for that buffer.

2001-12-09  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@fmi.uni-passau.de>

	* X-Symbol 4.0g/beta (sync w/ v3.3h).

 * isearch+KEYBOARD also work in Emacs, isearch+MENU/GRID
   still fails.
 * Super-/subscript commands are also invisible in Emacs on Unix.
 * Dropped support for Emacs-20.
 * Make sure to convert just the first part of a multi-part image.
 * Don't define `locate-data-directory', interference with
   ps-print on Emacs.
 * New characters zero1 to nine1 for language "Isabelle Symbol".
 * Better support for other packages, preview-latex.
 * RPM spec file in source distribution.
 * Miscellaneous.

	From Ryurick M. Hristev.  Report from David Kastrup, Marco Zunino.

2001-07-24  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@fmi.uni-passau.de>

	* X-Symbol 4.0f/beta (sync w/ v3.3g)

 * Distributed with latin-3 font which also works on
 * Distributed empty font for super-/subscripts on Emacs.
 * Binary distribution with generated super- and subscript
   bdf files for Emacs/Windows.
 * Show super- and subscripts in TeX's math region also on
 * When saving, ask for coding system less often (Emacs-21.0.104+).
 * Show correct double separator lines on Windows (Emacs-21.0.104+).
 * Corrected syntax def for cataleft/cataright as matching parens.
 * Adopted image converter recognition to newer releases of

	Report from Uwe Brauer, Ekkehard Koehler.

2001-06-19  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@fmi.uni-passau.de>

	* X-Symbol 4.0e/beta (sync w/ v3.3f).

 * Workaround for global-flyspell-mode.
 * Integration of package "completion".
 * Warning when using XEmacs-21.0 to XEmacs-21.1.8
 * Easier installation when using Emacs-21.0 on MS-Windows.

	Report from Fred Labrosse, San Ming Lee, Roland Zumkeller.

2000-11-22  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@fmi.uni-passau.de>

	* X-Symbol 4.0d/beta.

 * Make the highlighting in the grid buffer look nicer with Emacs.

2000-10-26  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@fmi.uni-passau.de>

	* X-Symbol 4.0c/beta.

 * Token language "TeXinfo command".
 * Slightly different definition of "valid character".
 * Minor changes.

	Suggestion from Jakub Narebski.

2000-10-13  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@fmi.uni-passau.de>

	* X-Symbol 4.0b/beta (sync w/ v3.3e).

 * In XEmacs, the grid looks the same as with the stable version.
 * Remove the "local if set" and "default: ..." submenu stuff.

2000-09-14  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@fmi.uni-passau.de>

	* X-Symbol 4.0a/beta.

 * Distribution contains the right files.

2000-09-03  Christoph Wedler  <wedler@fmi.uni-passau.de>

	* X-Symbol 4.0/beta (sync w/ v3.3d).

	From Stefan Monnier.

### Local Variables:
### filladapt-mode: t
### left-margin: 0
### fill-column: 59
### End: