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This directory tree holds version 21.5 of XEmacs.

The information in this file has been superseded by the XEmacs FAQ.

The easiest way to read the FAQ is to go to

You can also the local copy of the FAQ inside XEmacs by using
use Help->XEmacs FAQ from the menu, or `C-h F'.

If you don't have XEmacs running and can't access the web,
look directly at `man/xemacs-faq.texi' or `info/'.

Recent activity

Michael Sperber

Michael Sperber pushed 4 commits to xemacs/XEmacs

dcf9067 - Add font-lock-regexp-grouping-{backslash, construct} from GNU Emacs.
72c5d36 - Make `define-function' accept docstring, as in GNU Emacs.
6a6c89b - Add `check-parents' from GNU Emacs.
1039593 - Add :risky and :safe options to defcustom.
Aidan Kehoe

Aidan Kehoe pushed 2 commits to xemacs/XEmacs

7277cf4 - Use an explicit hexadecimal constant for READ_BUF_SIZE, correct ChangeLog.
0853e1e - Use alloca_{rawbytes,ibytes} in #'copy-file, #'insert-file-contents-internal
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