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 (3) By hand.  Do
     cat info/xemacs* | more "+/^File:,  Node: Bugs,"
-Part II of the XEmacs FAQ, available in a manner similar to the above,
-or via the world wide web, contains extensive information on how to
-track down and report bugs.
 							-*- indented-text -*-
-to 19.16 -- "Lille"
--- Really apply the Irix build fix
+to 20.0 beta30
-to 19.16 -- "Nancy"
--- about.el touch up, new faces, new entries
--- BSD build fix
--- Irix build fix
+-- Syntax entry specification "e" has been removed.
+-- updated xemacs.1 man page for new argument list handling.
+-- updated internals document to reflect new DEFUN macro.
-to 19.16 -- "Bordeaux"
--- about.el touch up
--- TM and MH-e PGP problem documented in PROBLEMS
+-- (load-average) works on Solaris. Thanks to Hrvoje Niksic.
-to 19.16 pre6 -- "New York"
--- Fix for using a pixmap background
--- about.el updated
--- Irix 6 build problem fixed
--- W3 build problem fixed
--- `sentence-end-double-space' doc string fixed
--- Lucid scrollbar bug fixed (keyboard grab released when widget disappears)
--- Iris4 build problem fixed
+-- Command line processing now order independent
+-- Command line like:  xemacs file -eval '(munge-file)'
+   now works.
+-- Now uses XmIm* functions for XIM input when available
+-- Major cleanup of - preparation for Autoconf 2 upgrade.
+-- `man' directory reorganized.
+-- The `dvi' and `info' targets now work in the man directory.
+-- texinfo 3.7 no longer comes with XEmacs.  User must supply own
+   makeinfo or TeX to rebuild info files or to print hardcopy.
+-- execvp has been encapsulated.  The command line of executed
+   commands now is converted using pathname-coding-system before the
+   command is run.
+-- Use flag -fno-gnu-linker if using gcc with dynodump (i.e. on
+   solaris)
+-- m4-mode 1.8
+-- etags.c 11.78
+-- ilisp 5.8
+-- cperl-mode 1.28
+-- cc-mode 4.322
+-- elp 2.37
+-- python-mode 2.83
+-- load-warn-when-source-newer now defaults to t
+-- purespace messages from loadup.el now much more reasonable.
+-- Changed lispref documentation to refer to frame properties, not parameters.
+-- Synched up files.el: file-relative-name (Steven Baur's patch)
+-- Fix: shell history works if commands contain non-ASCII characters.
+-- Fix: shell commands can contain non-ASCII characters.
+-- Fix: dired on Non-ASCII filename now works
+-- Fix: repeat-complex-command fails when repeating M-x emacs-version
+-- tm 7.94 integrated - default in XEmacs/Mule
+   - Japanese newsgroups now readable without .emacs modifications.
+-- Johan Vroman's iso-acc.el ported to XEmacs by Alexandre Oliva