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-This directory tree holds version 19.16 of XEmacs, the extensible,
+This directory tree holds version 19.13 of XEmacs, the extensible,
 customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor.
 See the file `etc/NEWS' for information on new features and other
 report bugs.  (The file `BUGS' in this directory explains how you can
 find and read that section using the Info files that come with
 XEmacs.)  See `etc/MAILINGLISTS' for more information on mailing lists
-relating to XEmacs and other GNU products.  You should also read part
-II of the XEmacs FAQ, the latest version of which is available on the
-World Wide Web at:
-	http://www.xemacs.org/faq/
+relating to XEmacs and other GNU products.
 The file `configure' is a shell script to acclimate XEmacs to the
 oddities of your processor and operating system.  It will create a