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 (defconst paragraph-separate "[ \t\f]*$" "\
 *Regexp for beginning of a line that separates paragraphs.
-If you change this, you may have to change paragraph-start also.
+If you change this, you may have to change `paragraph-start' also.
+A line matching this is not part of any paragraph.
 This is matched against the text at the left margin, which is not necessarily
 the beginning of the line, so it should not use \"^\" as an anchor.  This
 With negative argument, move backward repeatedly to `sentence-beginning'.
 The variable `sentence-end' is a regular expression that matches ends of
-sentences.  Also, every paragraph boundary terminates sentences as well."
+sentences.  A paragraph boundary also terminates a sentence."
   (interactive "_p") ; XEmacs
   (or arg (setq arg 1))
   (while (< arg 0)