xemacs-21.4 / CHANGES-beta

							-*- indented-text -*-
to 21.2 beta6 "Apollo"
-- mswindows compile fixes from Martin Buchholz, Andy Piper, Greg
   Klanderman and Adrian Aichner
-- Synch with XEmacs 21.0.60
-- mega-patch fixes from Martin Buchholz
-- md5 fixes and testsuite from Hrvoje Niksic
-- database fix from Hrvoje Niksic

to 21.2 beta5 "Aphrodite"
-- synch with XEmacs 21.0.58
-- bytecode interpreter rewritten
-- byte compiler fixes
-- hash table implementation rewritten
-- basic lisp functions rewritten
-- spelling fixes
-- garbage collector tuned a little
-- various global code changes for consistency
-- automated test suite
-- major internals manual updates
-- lisp reference updates

to 21.2 beta4 "Aglaophonos"
-- isearch keymap fix from Katsumi Yamaoka
-- directory_files cleanup from Hrvoje Niksic
-- C implementation of base64 from Hrvoje Niksic
-- C implementation of `buffer-substring-no-properties' from Hrvoje Niksic
-- Experimental fix for spurious `file has changed on disk' message from
   Charles Waldman
-- Fix for etags.el hook calling from Malcolm Box
-- User-name-completion fix for MS Windows NT from Greg Klanderman

to 21.2 beta3 "Aglaia"
-- case sensitiveness improvements from Didier Verna
-- Bug fixes from 21.0
-- Word selection on mouse click on quotes from Hrvoje Niksic
-- WAVE support for NAS from Raymond Toy

to 21.2 beta2 "Aether"
-- Synched with 21.0-pre14 "Poitou"
-- isearch improvements from Hrvoje Niksic
-- bytecompiler fix from Martin Buccholz
-- shadow.el speedup from Martin Buchholz
-- clash detection update from Jan Vroonhof
-- Indirect buffers from Hrvoje Niksic
-- ~user completion cleanup from Greg Klanderman
-- New face property from Didier Verna
-- ~user completion and fixes from Greg Klanderman
-- casefiddle.c speedup from Martin Buchholz

to 21.2 beta1 "Aeolus"
-- Synch with 21.0-pre6
-- Removal of ancient obsolete symbols courtesy of Altrasoft
-- Fix version numbers

Fork at 21.0 pre5 "Zhong Wei"
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