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  2. xemacs-21.4


xemacs-21.4 / CHANGES-beta

to 21.2.26 "Millenium"
-- Fix unpredictable results, perhaps even crashes, if using the
   `return from debugger feature' and errors in `eval' or `funcall'.
-- fix for Tab widgets causing X errors in XMapWindow().

to 21.2.25 "Hephaestus"
-- the LATEST.IS.* file has been renamed to LATEST-IS-*.
-- the CVS tag to checkout the latest tarball is `r21-2-latest-beta'.
-- 3 crashes in mapcar1 have been fixed.
-- lwlib arg passing cleanup
-- yet more widget and tab fixes
-- yet another Tab sync
-- specifier copying fix for widgets
-- preparation for proper layouts
-- native widgets used for some custom widgets
-- (+ 1) is no longer incorrectly compiled
-- char-before no longer has performance penalty
-- xpm again works on Windows
-- native Windows fixes from Adrian Aichner
-- Mule fixes from Yoshiki Hayashi
-- properly detect Athena widgets headers and libs, preventing crashes
   from misdetection and from libraries and headers that don't match,
   from Daniel Pittman

to 21.2.24 "Hecate"
-- Tabs fixes from Andy Piper
-- Widget leak fixes from Andy Piper
-- (coding-system-list) deals properly with coding system aliases, Shenghuo ZHU
-- configure support for ESD sound rewritte, Martin Buchholz
-- directory separator fix from Mike Alexander
-- Windows process support cleanup, Adrian Aichner
-- NT now encapsulates fstat to get correct file mod time, Adrian Aichner

to 21.2.23 "Hebe"
-- MS-Windows selection fixes from Mike Alexander
-- MS-WIndows process handling fixes from Mike Alexander
-- Subwindow GC fix from Andy Piper
-- Various minor fixes from Andy Piper
-- Rewrite module configure support, Martin Buchholz
-- Various Windows fixes, Martin Buchholz, Adrian Aichner, Andy Piper
-- HP native compiler compilation fixes, Martin Buchholz
-- Workarounds for Cygnus compiler bugs, Martin Buchholz
-- Workarounds for Cygwin broken header files, Martin Buchholz
-- itimers work again, Kyle Jones
-- random code cleanup, Martin Buchholz
-- various redisplay fixes, Andy Piper, Jan Vroonhof
-- various fixes from Hrvoje Niksic, Yoshiki Hayashi

to 21.2.22 "Mercedes"
-- ESD Sound support from Robert Bihlmeyer
-- 10% faster redisplay from Jan Vroonhof
-- Fixes from Jeff Miller, Alexandre Oliva and Yoshiki Hayashi
-- "If you've got problems, read PROBLEMS!" from Robert Pluim
-- Lstream code now uses size_t, ssize_t consistently, Martin Buchholz
-- Fix `make install' if prefix != exec_prefix, Martin Buchholz
-- Fix compile warnings and C++ compilation, Martin Buchholz
-- Fix detection of coding: cookie in -*- first line.
-- More xim-xlib work by Kazuyuki Ienaga
-- Fix crash in abbrev.c (abbrev_location), Eric Darve

to 21.2.20 "Yoko"
-- UTF-8 & file-coding magic cookie fix from MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- bug fixes from Adrian Aichner, Sean MacLennan, and Jeff Miller
-- glyph widget support under X/Athena from Andy Piper
-- tab widget support under X (all variants) from Andy Piper
-- many gutter, redisplay & widget fixes from Andy Piper
-- mswindows mousewheel support from Mike Woolley
-- combo box support under X/Motif from Andy Piper
-- buffer tab grouping from Andy Piper
-- layout widget support from Andy Piper
-- partial display line scrolling support from Andy Piper
-- cleanup patches from Gleb Arshinov
-- hash table FSF API sync from Martin Buchholz
-- widget cleanup from Martin Buchholz
-- process-environment fix for nt from Julian Back
-- widget to frame fix from Jan Vroonhof
-- animated glyph support from Andy Piper
-- glyph redisplay improvements from Andy Piper
-- color cells allocation fix from Lee Kindness
-- recover file fix for windows nt
-- mingw install fix from Craig Lanning
-- recognize keypad keys under MS-Windows from Jonathan Harris
-- Switch gui dialogs to native widgets from Andy Piper
-- fixes from Yoshiki Hayashi and Norbert Koch

to 21.2.19 "Shinjuku"
-- various fixes from Gunnar Evermann
-- XIM fixes from Kazuyuki IENAGA
-- keymap fix from Katsumi Yamaoka
-- Microsoft build fixes from Adrian Aichner
-- documentation update from Adrian Aichner
-- rect.el rewrite from Didier Verna
-- custom comment fields from Didier Verna
-- various fixes from Karl Hegbloom
-- filling fix from Yoshiki Hayashi
-- miscellaneous changes from Jeff Miller and Didier Verna
-- configure hacking from Steve Baur
-- various fixes from Bob Weiner
-- Mule synching from MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- various fixes from Steve Baur
-- LDAP configure changes from Gregory Neil Shapiro
-- gutter implementation from Andy Piper
-- tab widgets in gutter from Andy Piper
-- Custom themes, API part. See etc/custom/theme-examples from Jan Vroonhof

to 21.2.18 "Toshima"
-- miscellaneous fixes from Steve Baur
-- miscellaneous fixes from Didier Verna
-- various bug fixes from Karl Hegbloom
-- miscellaneous fixes from Bob Weiner
-- fix for XIM server crashing and taking down XEmacs from Kazuyuki IENAGA
-- valid-image-instantiator-format-p tightened up by Andy Piper.
-- glyph widget support under X/Motif from Andy Piper
-- Make docdir configurable, update package searching rules from Michael
-- Fix for Japanese word/character movements from MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- lrecord struct header size fix from Olivier Galibert

to 21.2.17 "Chiyoda"
-- miscellaneous bug fixes from Steve Baur
-- font menu fix from Robert Pluim
-- ldap API update from Oscar Figueiredo
-- Fix thai-xtis charset width from MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- CCL engine fix from MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- mswindows build fixes from Norbert Koch
-- miscellaneous fixes from Andy Piper
-- automated tests for mswindows from Adrian Aichner
-- tree-view and tab-control widget glyph support from Andy Piper

to 21.2.16 "Sumida"
-- miscellaneous fixes from Hrvoje Niksic and Olivier Galibert
-- make selection more mswindows conformant.
-- Make customize use specifiers from Jan Vroonhof
-- Cyrillic CCL crash fix from MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- DEC OSF Build fix and miscellaneous Lisp fix from Steve Baur
-- raw-text coding system synch from MORIOKA Tomohiko

to 21.2.15 "Sakuragawa"
-- new self tests from Oscar Figueiredo and Hrvoje Niksic
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes from Yoshiki Hayashi, Jerry James, Hirokazu FUKUI,
   Hrvoje Niksic, MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- LDAP internationalization from Oscar Figueiredo
-- DEC OSF build fixes from Steve Baur
-- Documentation fixes from Mike McEwan, Vin Shelton and Gunnar Evermann
-- Build fixes from Jan Vroonhof
-- Miscellaneous fixes from Hrvoje Niksic
-- Documentation updates from Hrvoje Niksic and Albert Chin-A-Young
-- mule-charset.el synch with Mule from Steve Baur
-- miscellaneous build and cosmetic fixes from Steve Baur
-- font-menu for mswindows from Andy Piper
-- select rationalisation for window systems from Andy Piper
-- reinstate sheap adjustment + mingw32 fixes from Andy Piper

to 21.2.14 "Dionysos"
-- mingw32 port from Andy Piper
-- fix for Solaris build lossage from Hrvoje Niksic
-- THAI/Cyrillic-KOI8, Vietnamese, Ethiopic support from MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- miscellaneous bug fixes from Gunnar Evermann
-- Internal purespace cleanup from Olivier Galibert
-- documentation updates from Hrvoje Niksic
-- dump time tuning from Hrvoje Niksic
-- miscellaneous bug fixes from Giacomo Boffi
-- font hacking from Jan Vroonhof
-- Czech language support from David Sauer
-- `delete-key-deletes-forward' now defaults to t
-- `locate-file' update from Hrvoje Niksic
-- MS Windows build fixes from Adrian Aichner
-- LDAP updates from Oscar Figueiredo
-- miscellaneous bug fixes from Colin Rafferty and Kai Haberzettl
-- disable display of images in buffers by file format
-- miscellaneous Mule fixes from Olivier Galibert
-- documentation updates from Albert Chin-A-Young
-- documentation updates from Gunnar Evermann and Stephen Turnbull
-- MS Windows build fix from Norbert Koch
-- miscellaneous MS Windows fixes from Andy Piper
-- redisplay bug fixes from Jan Vroonhof
-- miscellaneous bug fixes from Robert Pluim, MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- many, many bug fixes and enhancements from Hrvoje Niksic and Olivier
-- miscellaneous bug fixes from Martin Buchholz
-- Miscellaneous MS Windows fixes from Philip Aston
-- lots of new tests from Hrvoje Niksic

to 21.2.13 "Demeter"
-- Build fixes from Martin Buchholz
-- experimental splash screen rewrite from Didier Verna
-- Various patches from Jan Vroonhof and Andy Piper
-- alist.el synched up with APEL 9.13 from MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- MS Window build fixes from Jonathan Harris
-- UCS-4/UTF-8 support from MORIOKA Tomohiko

to 21.2.12 "Clio"
-- event-stream unification for MS Windows from Andy Piper
-- Determine best visual to use to avoid flashing from IENAGA Kazuyuki
-- Fix for new Berkeley DB library from Paul Keusemann/Gregory Neil Shapiro
-- Various package-ui fixes from Jan Vroonhof
-- Fix for doubled font-locking during buffer reversion
-- KFM browsing support from Neal Becker
-- info fix from Didier Verna
-- Build bug fixes from Martin Buchholz
-- Various Documentation updates
-- X-Face support for MS Windows native build from Gleb Arshinov

to 21.2 beta11 "Calliope"
-- Dialog box fix from Jan Vroonhof
-- unified mswindows and tty event loops from Andy Piper
-- miscellaneous patches from Gleb Arshinov
-- miscellaneous patches from Charles Waldman and Adrian Aichner
-- Mule dump time files remerged from mule-base package
-- Documentation fixes from Jan Vroonhof
-- 24bit color image fix from Kazuo OISHI
-- various build fixes from Martin Buchholz

to 21.2 beta10 "Boreas"
-- package UI fix from Jan Vroonhof
-- MS Windows NT process fix from Gleb Arshinov

to 21.2 beta9 "Athena"
-- parameterize replace-match function from Didier Verna
-- X-Face support under mswindows from Andy Piper
-- doc fixes from Adrian Aichner
-- about patchlet from Marcus Thiessel
-- isearch doc fixes from Didier Verna
-- interlaced gif fix from Gunnar Evermann
-- isearch improvements from Didier Verna
-- eldap connection fix from William Perry
-- package-get site fix from Robert Pluim
-- loadable modules fix from Damon Lipparelli
-- ldap fixes from Oscar Figueiredo
-- loadable modules from J. Kean Johnston
-- runwhatever from Charles Wilson
-- redisplay fixes for glyphs from Andy Piper
-- progress gauge widgets implentation from Andy Piper
-- W3 works again due to font.el being fixed
-- Another mule xemacs crash fixed
-- Images in widgets, warning fixes and gui_item cleanup from Andy Piper
-- package admin fixes under mswindows from Charles Waldman
-- miscellaneous mswindows build fixes from Jonathan Harris
-- help-echo fix from Hrvoje Niksic
-- x font path support from Jim Radford
-- MSVC compile fixes from Damon Lipparelli

to 21.2 beta8 "Artemis"
-- A bunch of Mule fixes from Martin Buchholz

to 21.2 beta7 "Ares"
-- mswindows modeline crash fix from Jonathan Harris
-- picon glyph fix from Gunnar Evermann
-- widgets-in-buffers and subwindow support from Andy Piper
-- movemail pop support under mswindows from Fabrice Popineau
-- ldap fixes from Oscar Figueiredo
-- fns cleanup from Hrvoje Niksic
-- menubar fixes from Didier Verna
-- mswindows accelerator fix from Jonathan Harris
-- dired mule fix from Didier Verna
-- sound doc cleanup from Charles Waldman
-- new display table functionality from Hrvoje Niksic
-- minor cleanups
-- package fixes from Jan Vroonhof
-- subwindow support fixes from Martin Buchholz

to 21.2 beta6 "Apollo"
-- mswindows compile fixes from Martin Buchholz, Andy Piper, Greg
   Klanderman and Adrian Aichner
-- Synch with XEmacs 21.0.60
-- mega-patch fixes from Martin Buchholz
-- md5 fixes and testsuite from Hrvoje Niksic
-- database fix from Hrvoje Niksic

to 21.2 beta5 "Aphrodite"
-- synch with XEmacs 21.0.58
-- bytecode interpreter rewritten
-- byte compiler fixes
-- hash table implementation rewritten
-- basic lisp functions rewritten
-- spelling fixes
-- garbage collector tuned a little
-- various global code changes for consistency
-- automated test suite
-- major internals manual updates
-- lisp reference updates

to 21.2 beta4 "Aglaophonos"
-- isearch keymap fix from Katsumi Yamaoka
-- directory_files cleanup from Hrvoje Niksic
-- C implementation of base64 from Hrvoje Niksic
-- C implementation of `buffer-substring-no-properties' from Hrvoje Niksic
-- Experimental fix for spurious `file has changed on disk' message from
   Charles Waldman
-- Fix for etags.el hook calling from Malcolm Box
-- User-name-completion fix for MS Windows NT from Greg Klanderman

to 21.2 beta3 "Aglaia"
-- case sensitiveness improvements from Didier Verna
-- Bug fixes from 21.0
-- Word selection on mouse click on quotes from Hrvoje Niksic
-- WAVE support for NAS from Raymond Toy

to 21.2 beta2 "Aether"
-- Synched with 21.0-pre14 "Poitou"
-- isearch improvements from Hrvoje Niksic
-- bytecompiler fix from Martin Buccholz
-- shadow.el speedup from Martin Buchholz
-- clash detection update from Jan Vroonhof
-- Indirect buffers from Hrvoje Niksic
-- ~user completion cleanup from Greg Klanderman
-- New face property from Didier Verna
-- ~user completion and fixes from Greg Klanderman
-- casefiddle.c speedup from Martin Buchholz

to 21.2 beta1 "Aeolus"
-- Synch with 21.0-pre6
-- Removal of ancient obsolete symbols courtesy of Altrasoft
-- Fix version numbers

Fork at 21.0 pre5 "Zhong Wei"