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This directory contains XEmacs' automated test suite.  The usual way
of running all the tests is running `make check' from the top-level
source directory.

The test suite is unfinished and it's still lacking some essential
features.  It is nevertheless recommended that you run the tests to
confirm that XEmacs behaves correctly.

If you want to run a specific test case, you can do it from the
command-line like this:

$ xemacs -batch -l test-harness.elc -f batch-test-emacs TEST-FILE

If something goes wrong, you can run the test suite interactively by
loading `test-harness.el' into a running XEmacs and typing
`M-x test-emacs-test-file RET <filename> RET'.  You will see a log of
passed and failed tests, which should allow you to investigate the
source of the error and ultimately fix the bug.

Adding a new test file is trivial: just create a new file here and it
will be run.  There is no need to byte-compile any of the files in
this directory -- the test-harness will take care of any necessary

Look at the existing test cases for the examples of coding test cases.
It all boils down to your imagination and judicious use of the macros
`Assert', `Check-Error', `Check-Error-Message', and `Check-Message'.