xemacs-21.4 / lwlib / ChangeLog

1999-11-10  XEmacs Build Bot <>

	* XEmacs 21.2.20 is released

1999-09-09  Andy Piper  <>

	* xlwtabs.c: updated tabs widget from Ed Falk.
	* xlwtabs.h: ditto.
	* xlwtabsP.h: ditto.

1999-09-22  Martin Buchholz  <>

	* lwlib-internal.h:
	* lwlib-utils.h:
	Move declaration of destroy_all_children from lwlib-internal.h to
	lwlib-utils.h, where it belongs.

1999-09-21  Andy Piper  <>

	* lwlib-Xm.c (xm_update_label): don't clobber pixmap type labels
 	with text.

1999-09-22  Martin Buchholz  <>

	* xlwtabs.c: Fix C++ compilability.

1999-09-18  Andy Piper  <>

	* xlwtabs.c: Put in tabs sync because clipping should fix useability

1999-09-13  Andy Piper  <>

	* xlwtabs.c: Back out tabs sync because of reported useability

1999-09-09  Andy Piper  <>

	* xlwtabs.c: updated tabs widget from Ed Falk.
	* xlwtabs.h: ditto.
	* xlwtabsP.h: ditto.
	* xlwgcs.c: ditto.
	* xlwgcs.h: ditto.

1999-09-03  Martin Buchholz  <>

	* xlwgauge.c: Ansify.
	Include <stdlib.h> to get prototype for atoi().
	(GaugeSelect): Call GaugeExpose with the right number of args.
	(GaugeLoseSel): Call GaugeExpose with the right number of args.
	(GaugeConvert): This is a XtConvertSelectionProc, 
	so 5th parameter must be of type XtPointer, not XPointer.
	(GaugeGetValue): This is a XtTimerCallbackProc, 
	so 2nd parameter must be of type XtIntervalId *, not XtIntervalId.

1999-09-01  Martin Buchholz  <>

	* lwlib.c (free_widget_value_contents): Use proper type for cast.

	* xlwradio.c: Use function prototypes everywhere.
	* xlwcheckbox.c:
	* xlwradio.c:
	* xlwradioP.h: Move declarations of non-static functions defined
	in xlwradio.c into xlwradioP.h.

1999-09-02  Andy Piper  <>

	* xlwgcs.c: include xmu.h

1999-09-01  Andy Piper  <>

	* xlwgauge.c: rearrange headers yet again.
	* xlwcheckbox.c: ditto.
	* xlwradio.c: ditto.
	* xlwtabs.c: ditto.

1999-09-01  Andy Piper  <>

	* xlwgauge.c: use xmu.h
	* xlwcheckbox.c: ditto.
	* xlwradio.c: ditto.

1999-08-31  Andy Piper  <>

	* xlwtabs.c:
	* xlwgcs.c:
	* xlwradio.c:
	* xlwcheckbox.c:
	* xlwgauge.c: Fix for losing systems without Xmu.
1999-08-31  Andy Piper  <>

	* lwlib-Xm.c (xm_update_one_widget): fix for AIX compiler lossage.

1999-08-30  Andy Piper  <>

	* lwlib.c (free_widget_value_contents): be more precise about
 	freeing user defined args.

	* lwlib-Xaw.c (xaw_update_one_widget): make sure we use val not
 	its contents for hierarchies one deep.

1999-08-29  Andy Piper  <>

	* xlwtabs.c: temporary fixes pending a new release.
	* xlwtabsP.h: ditto.

	* lwlib-Xm.c (xm_update_one_widget): update user defined args.
	(xm_create_label): set args after creation as well as before.

	* lwlib-Xlw.c (xlw_create_tab_control): orient tabs horizontally.
	(xlw_update_tab_control): actually update the children rather than
 	the parent.

	* lwlib-Xaw.c (xaw_update_one_widget): update user defined args.
	(xaw_create_label): set args after creation as well as before.

1999-08-23  Andy Piper  <>

	* lwlib-Xm.c (xm_update_label): don't concatenate value to itself.

	* lwlib-Xm.c (xm_create_label_field): new function for creating labels.
	(xm_creation_table): use it.

	* lwlib-Xaw.c (xaw_create_label_field): new function for creating labels.
	(xaw_creation_table): use it.

1999-08-16  Andy Piper  <>

	* lwlib.h: declare free_widget_value_tree.

	* lwlib.c (free_widget_value_tree): make non-static.

	* lwlib-Xm.c (xm_update_label): free val_string when updating.

1999-08-04  Andy Piper  <>

	* lwlib-Xm.c (mark_dead_instance_destroyed): change so that its
 	defined for widgets.
	(xm_nosel_callback): ditto.

	* xlwtabsP.h: sync with 1.5.

	* xlwtabs.c: sync with 1.18.

1999-07-28  Andy Piper  <>

	* xlwtabs.c: new lucid tabs widget from Ed Falk.
	* xlwtabs.h: ditto.
	* xlwtabsP.h: ditto.
	* xlwgcs.c: GC manipulation for tab widgets.
	* xlwgcs.h: ditto.

	* xlwgauge.c: new athena gauge widget from Ed Falk.
	* xlwgauge.h: ditto.
	* xlwgaugeP.h: ditto.

	* xlwradio.c: new athena radio widget from Ed Falk.
	* xlwradio.h: ditto.
	* xlwradioP.h: ditto.

	* xlwcheckbox.c: new athena checkbox widget from Ed Falk.
	* xlwcheckbox.h: ditto.
	* xlwcheckboxP.h: ditto.

	* lwlib-utils.c (destroy_all_children): moved from lwlib-Xm.c.

	* lwlib-internal.h: declare destroy_all_children.

	* lwlib-config.c: add widget checks.

	* lwlib-Xm.h: declare xm_create_label;

	* lwlib-Xm.c (destroy_all_children): move to lwlib-utils.c.
	(xm_update_label): enable for widgets.
	(xm_update_one_widget): ditto.
	(xm_create_button): rename in line with lwlib-Xaw.c
	(xm_create_progress): ditto.
	(xm_create_text_field): ditto.
	(xm_create_combo_box): ditto.
	(xm_create_label): new function.
	(xm_creation_table): rename widget creation functions.
	(xm_destroy_instance): enable for widgets.
	(xm_generic_callback): ditto.
	(xm_generic_callback): ditto.

	* lwlib-Xlw.c (xlw_tab_control_callback): new function. a special
 	callback that calls the correct function depending on what tab is
	(xlw_create_tab_control): new function.
	(build_tabs_in_widget): new function. puts tabs in a tab widget,
 	uses Xaw or Xm depending on how XEmacs was compiled.
	(xlw_update_tab_control): update the resources for each
 	tab. optionally rebuild the contents of the tab widget.
	(xlw_creation_table): add tab widget creation function.
	(lw_lucid_widget_p): add tab widget.
	(xlw_update_one_widget): ditto.

	* lwlib-Xaw.h: declare xaw_create_label;

	* lwlib-Xaw.c (lw_xaw_widget_p): add widgets classes.
	(xaw_update_one_widget): ditto.
	(xaw_update_one_value): add code from the Xm version.
	(xaw_generic_callback): add Xm hack for setting command
 	states. beef up lookup of call data.
	(xaw_create_button): new function.
	(xaw_create_label): new function for use by tab widget.
	(xaw_create_progress): new function.
	(xaw_create_text_field): new function.
	(xaw_creation_table): add new widget type creation functions.

	* add dependencies for new lw widgets.

1999-07-30  XEmacs Build Bot <>

	* XEmacs 21.2.19 is released

1999-07-13  XEmacs Build Bot <>

	* XEmacs 21.2.18 is released

1999-07-05  Didier Verna  <>

	* lwlib-Xm.c (xm_update_one_widget): add missing #ifdefs around
	call to xm_update_label.

1999-06-28  Andy Piper  <>

	* lwlib-Xm.c: unconditionally enable text field & list code.
	(make_progress): new function. creates a slider.
	(make_text_field): new function. creates an edit field.
	(make_combo_box): new function. creates a combo box.
	(xm_creation_table): add new widget functions.

1999-06-25  Andy Piper  <>

	* lwlib.h (_widget_value): add arglist slots.
	declare new functions.

	* lwlib.c (free_widget_value_contents): handle arglists when
	(lw_add_value_args_to_args): new function. add arglist entries
 	from a widget_value structure.

	* lwlib-Xm.c (make_button): new function, create a motif button
 	for display in a buffer as a glyph.
	(xm_creation_table): add make_button.

1999-06-22  XEmacs Build Bot <>

	* XEmacs 21.2.17 is released

1999-06-11  XEmacs Build Bot <>

	* XEmacs 21.2.16 is released

1999-06-04  XEmacs Build Bot <>

	* XEmacs 21.2.15 is released

1999-05-17  Jerry James  <>

	* xlwmenu.c (make_shadow_gcs): Test bottom_shadow_pixmap before
	using it.

1999-05-14  XEmacs Build Bot <>

	* XEmacs 21.2.14 is released

1999-03-12  XEmacs Build Bot <>

	* XEmacs 21.2.13 is released

1999-03-05  XEmacs Build Bot <>

	* XEmacs 21.2.12 is released

1999-02-18  Martin Buchholz  <>

	* lwlib/xlwmenu.c (massage_resource_name): Fix compiler warning
	- Have to toupper ((int) (unsigned char) x) to be portable.