xemacs-21.4 / man / ChangeLog

Thu Jan 24 12:41:33 1991  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* texinfo.tex: Delete spurious character at beginning.

Tue Aug 16 13:09:12 1988  Robert J. Chassell (bob at

	* emacs.tex:  Corrected two typos.  No other changes before
	Version 19 will be made.

	* vip.texinfo: Removed menu entry Adding Lisp Code in node
	Customization since the menu entry did not point to anything.
	Also added an @finalout command to remove overfull hboxes from the
	printed output.

	* cl.texinfo:  Added @bye, \input line and @settitle to file.
	This file is clearly intended to be a chapter of some other work,
	but the other work does not yet exist.

Mon Jul 25 17:47:38 1988  Robert J. Chassell (bob at

	* texinfo.texinfo: Three typos corrected.

Mon Jul 11 18:02:29 1988  Chris Hanson  (cph at kleph)

	* texindex.c (indexify): when comparing to initial strings to
	decide whether to change the header, must use `strncmp' to avoid
	comparing entire strings of which initials are a substring.

Sun Jun 26 18:46:16 1988  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* texindex.c (sort_in_core, sort_offline, parsefile):
	Give up on input file if any line doesn't start with backslash.

Mon May 23 10:41:35 1988  Robert J. Chassell (bob at

	* emacs.tex: Update information for obtaining TeX distribution from the
	University of Washington.