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xemacs-21.4 / CHANGES-msw


This file briefly describes all mswindows-specific changes to XEmacs
in the OXYMORON series of releases. The mswindows release branch
contains additional changes on top of the mainline XEmacs
release. These changes are deemed necessary for XEmacs to be fully
functional under mswindows. It is not intended that these changes
cause problems on UNIX systems, but they have not been tested on UNIX
platforms. Caveat Emptor.

See the file 'CHANGES-release' for a full list of mainline changes.

to XEmacs 21.4.8 "Honest Recruiter (Windows)"

  - All changes from 21.4.6 and 21.4.7.
  - Make sure revert temporaries are not visiting files. Suggested by
    Mike Alexander.
  - File renaming fix from Mathias Grimmberger.
  - Fix printer metrics on windows 95 from Jonathan Harris.
  - Fix layout of widgets so that the search dialog works.
  - Fix focus capture of widgets under X.
  - Buffers tab doc fixes from John Palmieri.
  - Sync with FSF custom :set-after behavior.
  - Virtual window manager freeze fix from Rick Rankin.
  - Fix various printing problems.
  - Enable windows printing on cygwin.

to XEmacs 21.4.7 "Economic Science (Windows)"

  - All changes from 21.4.6.
  - Fix problems with auto-revert with noconfirm.
  - Undo autoconf 2.5x changes.
  - Undo 21.4.7 process change.

to XEmacs 21.4.6 "Common Lisp (Windows)"

  - Made native registry entries match the installer.
  - Fixed mousewheel lockups.
  - Frame iconifcation fix from Adrian Aichner.
  - Fixed some printing problems.
  - Netinstaller updated to support kit revisions.
  - Fixed customize popup menus.
  - Fixed problems with too many dialog popups.
  - Netinstaller fixed to correctly upgrade shortcuts when upgrading
    core XEmacs.
  - Fix for virtual window managers from Adrian Aichner.
  - Installer registers all C++ file types.
  - Short-filename fix from Peter Arius.
  - Fix for GC assertions from Adrian Aichner.
  - Winclient DDE client from Alastair Houghton.
  - Fix event assert from Mike Alexander.
  - Warning removal noticed by Ben Wing.
  - Redisplay glyph height fix from Ben Wing.
  - Printer margin fix from Jonathan Harris.
  - Error dialog fix suggested by Thomas Vogler.
  - Fixed revert-buffer to not revert in the case that there is
    nothing to be done.
  - Glyph-baseline fix from Nix.
  - Fixed clipping of wide glyphs in non-zero-length extents.
  - Windows build fixes.
  - Fixed :initial-focus so that it works.

to XEmacs 21.4.5 "Civil Service (Windows)"

  - Fixed a scrollbar problem when selecting the frame with focus.
  - Fixed `mswindows-shell-execute' under cygwin.
  - Added a new function `mswindows-cygwin-to-win32-path' for JDE.
  - Added support for dialog-based directory selection.
  - The installer version has been updated to the 21.5 netinstaller. The 21.5
    installer now does proper dde file association and adds uninstall
  - Handle leak fix from Mike Alexander.
  - New release build script.