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Full commit
The theme of the gamma series of 21.4 releases is "oxymoron", that is,
contradiction in terms.  Each patchlevel will be assigned a unique
codename from the list below.  The rationale for the first should be

The second and third are my tributes to Richard Stallman and the early
developers of Lucid Emacs/XEmacs (primarily Jamie Zawinski, but it
also fits Ben Wing which is appropriate to the Mule theme), in
chronological order.  I cannot list all the debts this release owes
for individual contributions, but I must credit the fundamental
excellence of the design of [X]Emacs for inspiring the audacious
proposal to add both GTK and Windows/MULE to XEmacs over a period of
two months, and for the success of the GTK merge.  Without the
prospect of such a big win, I could not have justified trying to
coordinate a release myself.

21.4.0: Solid Vapor
21.4.1: Copyleft
21.4.2: Developer-Friendly Unix APIs
21.4.3: Academic Rigor
21.4.4: Artificial Intelligence
21.4.5: Civil Service
21.4.6: Common Lisp
21.4.7: Economic Science
21.4.8: Honest Recruiter
21.4.9: Informed Management
21.4.10: Military Intelligence
21.4.11: Native Windows TTY Support
21.4.12: Portable Code
21.4.13: Rational FORTRAN
21.4.14: Reasonable Discussion
21.4.15: Security Through Obscurity
21.4.16: Corporate Culture
21.4.17: Jumbo Shrimp
21.4.18: Social Property
21.4.19: Constant Variable
21.4.20: Double Solitaire
21.4.21: Educational Television
21.4.22: Instant Classic
21.4.23: Moral Majority
21.4.24: Standard C
21.4.25: Too Much Mozart
21.4.26: Working Vacation