xemacs-21.4 / netinstall / setup.mak

#   Makefile for Microsoft NMAKE
#   Copyright (C) 1995 Board of Trustees, University of Illinois.
#   Copyright (C) 1995, 1996, 2000 Ben Wing.
#   Copyright (C) 1995 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
#   Copyright (C) 1998 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This file is part of XEmacs.
# XEmacs is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
# under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
# Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option) any
# later version.
# XEmacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
# ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
# FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License
# for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with XEmacs; see the file COPYING.  If not, write to
# the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
# Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
# Synched up with: Not in FSF.

!include "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\Include\win32.mak"

default: all

# APA: Since there seems to be no way to determine the directory where
# xemacs.mak is located (from within nmake) we just insist on the user
# to invoke nmake in the directory where xemacs.mak is.
!if !exist("$(MAKEDIR)\setup.mak")
!error Please run nmake from the directory of this makefile (xemacs\netinstall).


# Define a variable for the 'del' command to use

# Configuration from nt subdirectory if needed

!include "$(XEMACS)\nt\"

OUTDIR = obj

# Compiler command echo control. Define VERBOSECC=1 to get verbose compilation.
!if !defined(VERBOSECC)

cdebug=-Od -Gr -Zi -Zp8
cdebug=-Oxsb2 -Oy- -G5rFs -Zi -Zp8


# Object files
OBJS = 	\
	$(OUTDIR)\choose.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\concat.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\desktop.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\dialog.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\diskfull.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\download.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\find.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\fromcwd.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\geturl.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\hash.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\ini.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\inilex.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\iniparse.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\install.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\localdir.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\log.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\main.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\mkdir.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\mklink2.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\regedit.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\msg.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\net.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\netio.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\nio-ie5.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\nio-file.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\nio-ftp.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\nio-http.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\other.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\postinstall.obj \
#	$(OUTDIR)\res.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\root.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\simpsock.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\site.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\source.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\splash.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\state.obj \
	$(OUTDIR)\tar.obj \

# Libraries
LIBS = libcmt.lib $(olelibsmt) \
	kernel32.lib shell32.lib \
	wsock32.lib netapi32.lib \
	wininet.lib $(zlib)

# Rules

.SUFFIXES:	.c .cc .obj .texi .info

# nmake rule
	$(cc) /TP $(cflags) $(cdebug) $(cvarsmt) $(defines) -Fo$@ $<
	$(cc) $(cflags) $(cdebug) $(cvarsmt) $(defines) -Fo$@ $<

# Main target
all: setup.exe

# Link target. setargv.obj is provided in the compiler library directory.
setup.exe: $(OUTDIR) $(OBJS) res.res
	$(link) /OUT:$@ $(ldebug) $(guilflags) $(OBJS) res.res $(LIBS)

iniparse.c iniparse.h : iniparse.y
	bison -d -o iniparse.c $(srcdir)/iniparse.y

$(OUTDIR)\inilex.obj: iniparse.h

inilex.c : inilex.l iniparse.h
	flex -t $(srcdir)/inilex.l | sed "/^extern int isatty YY/d" > inilex.c

version.c : $(srcdir)/ChangeLog
	perl < ChangeLog > version.c

res.res: res.rc
	$(rc) $(rcvars) $(rcflags) /fo$@ $**

	-@mkdir $(OUTDIR)

install:: all

	$(DEL) $(OUTDIR)\*.obj *.pdb *.aps res.res lex.yy.c

distclean:: clean
	$(DEL) *~ setup.exe


$(OUTDIR)/autoload.obj: autoload.c win32.h 
$(OUTDIR)/inilex.obj: inilex.c win32.h  ini.h iniparse.h \
$(OUTDIR)/iniparse.obj: iniparse.c ini.h iniparse.h port.h
$(OUTDIR)/inilex.obj: inilex.c win32.h  ini.h iniparse.h
$(OUTDIR)/mklink2.obj: mklink2.c win32.h 
$(OUTDIR)/choose.obj: win32.h  dialog.h resource.h \
	state.h ini.h concat.h msg.h log.h find.h reginfo.h
$(OUTDIR)/concat.obj: win32.h
$(OUTDIR)/desktop.obj: win32.h  \
	resource.h ini.h msg.h state.h \
	concat.h mkdir.h dialog.h version.h reginfo.h regedit.h port.h
$(OUTDIR)/dialog.obj: win32.h  dialog.h msg.h log.h \
$(OUTDIR)/diskfull.obj:  diskfull.h
$(OUTDIR)/download.obj: win32.h  resource.h msg.h \
	ini.h dialog.h concat.h geturl.h state.h mkdir.h log.h
$(OUTDIR)/find.obj: win32.h  port.h
$(OUTDIR)/fromcwd.obj: win32.h  \
	ini.h resource.h concat.h \
	state.h dialog.h msg.h find.h version.h port.h
$(OUTDIR)/geturl.obj: win32.h  dialog.h geturl.h \
	resource.h netio.h msg.h log.h
$(OUTDIR)/hash.obj: win32.h hash.h
$(OUTDIR)/ini.obj: win32.h  ini.h resource.h concat.h \
	state.h geturl.h dialog.h msg.h mkdir.h log.h reginfo.h version.h
$(OUTDIR)/install.obj: win32.h  \
	$(ZLIBDIR)/zlib.h $(ZLIBDIR)/zconf.h \
	resource.h ini.h dialog.h concat.h geturl.h mkdir.h state.h tar.h \
	diskfull.h msg.h regedit.h reginfo.h log.h hash.h port.h
$(OUTDIR)/localdir.obj: win32.h  dialog.h resource.h \
	state.h msg.h concat.h log.h
$(OUTDIR)/log.obj: win32.h  resource.h msg.h log.h dialog.h \
	state.h concat.h mkdir.h
$(OUTDIR)/main.obj: win32.h  resource.h dialog.h state.h \
	msg.h netio.h find.h log.h port.h
$(OUTDIR)/mkdir.obj: win32.h  mkdir.h
$(OUTDIR)/msg.obj: win32.h  dialog.h log.h
$(OUTDIR)/net.obj: win32.h  dialog.h resource.h state.h \
	msg.h log.h
$(OUTDIR)/netio.obj: win32.h  resource.h state.h msg.h \
	netio.h nio-file.h nio-ie5.h nio-http.h nio-ftp.h dialog.h log.h port.h \
$(OUTDIR)/nio-file.obj:  netio.h nio-file.h resource.h \
$(OUTDIR)/nio-ftp.obj: win32.h  resource.h state.h \
	simpsock.h log.h netio.h nio-ftp.h
$(OUTDIR)/nio-http.obj: win32.h  resource.h state.h \
	simpsock.h msg.h netio.h nio-http.h
$(OUTDIR)/nio-ie5.obj: win32.h  resource.h state.h \
	dialog.h msg.h netio.h nio-ie5.h
$(OUTDIR)/other.obj: win32.h  dialog.h resource.h state.h \
	msg.h log.h
$(OUTDIR)/postinstall.obj: win32.h  \
	state.h dialog.h find.h \
	concat.h regedit.h reginfo.h resource.h port.h
$(OUTDIR)/regedit.obj: win32.h  reginfo.h regedit.h \
	msg.h resource.h dialog.h
$(OUTDIR)/root.obj: win32.h  dialog.h resource.h state.h \
	msg.h regedit.h reginfo.h concat.h log.h
$(OUTDIR)/simpsock.obj: win32.h  simpsock.h msg.h \
$(OUTDIR)/site.obj:  dialog.h resource.h state.h geturl.h \
	msg.h concat.h regedit.h reginfo.h log.h port.h
$(OUTDIR)/source.obj: win32.h  dialog.h resource.h \
	state.h msg.h log.h
$(OUTDIR)/splash.obj: win32.h  dialog.h resource.h msg.h \
$(OUTDIR)/state.obj: state.h
$(OUTDIR)/tar.obj: win32.h  \
	$(ZLIBDIR)/zlib.h $(ZLIBDIR)/zconf.h \
	tar.h mkdir.h log.h port.h

# Local Variables:
# mode: makefile
# End: