xemacs-21.4 / CHANGES-beta

							-*- indented-text -*-
to 21.0 "20 minutes to Nikko"
-- Dialog box fix from Jan Vroonhof
-- prevent minimization of maximized frame from Andy Piper
-- miscellaneous patches from Andy Piper and Gleb Arshinov
-- miscellaneous patches from Charles Waldman and Adrian Aichner
-- Mule dump time files remerged from mule-base package
-- Documentation fixes from Jan Vroonhof
-- 24bit color image fix from Kazuo OISHI
-- various build fixes from Martin Buchholz

to 21.0 "Pyrenean63"
-- miscellaneous bug fixes

to 21.0 "Pyrenean62"
-- 21.2 sync of mswindows and package fixes that got away.

to 21.0 "Poitou61"
-- mswindows modeline crash fix from Jonathan Harris
-- picon glyph fix from Gunnar Evermann
-- ldap fixes from Oscar Figueiredo
-- mswindows accelerator fix from Jonathan Harris
-- package fixes from Jan Vroonhof
-- configure fixes from Martin Buchholz
-- mule xemacs crash fixed
-- sound doc cleanup from Charles Waldman
-- package admin fixes under mswindows from Charles Waldman
-- sound.el name change sync from Andy Piper

to 21.0 "Poitou60"
-- help-echo message fix from Hrvoje Niksic
-- Fix building with union type on MS Windows NT from Andy Piper
-- Installation/Installation.el/config.values for MS Windows from Adrian
-- Package get cleanups from Greg Klanderman and Jan Vroonhof
-- Avoid defining CLASH_DETECTION on MS Windows NT from Adrian Aichner
-- Package UI fixes from Jan Vroonhof

to 21.0 "Poitou59"
-- Menu accelerator bug fix from Didier Verna
-- easymenu.el synch with FSF from Jan Vroonhof
-- chartable bug fixes from Hrvoje Niksic
-- Various MULE filenaming/localization bug fixes from Didier Verna
-- Linux/ARM support from James LewisMoss
-- Realpath fix for UnixWare2.1.3 from Takeshi Hagiwara
-- OSS Sound support for AIX from Michael Sperber
-- msw-faces X11 emulation fix from Adrian Aichner
-- Wnn6 detection fix from IENAGA Kazuyuki
-- More Cygwin b20 from Andy Piper
-- 64 bit cleanliness fix from Olivier Galibert
-- Package-get updates from Jan Vroonhof and Greg Klanderman
-- Movemail build fix for MS Windows NT from Andy Piper
-- Clicking on buttons not switching windows patch from Hrvoje Niksic
-- Cygwin b20 support from Andy Piper
-- Autoload cookie fix for cus-face.el from Jan Vroonhof
-- Frame resize inside window fix for MS Windows from Andy Piper
-- Type clean up patches from Steve Carney
-- movemail pop patches from Andy Piper
-- Fix auto-save-directory-fallback hardcoding at dump time from Jan Vroonhof
-- Package loading fixes from Greg Klanderman
-- Package Tool Finishing Touches from Jan Vroonhof
-- package-get-base.el removed from the core
-- BS/DEL fix from Glynn Clements
-- Tty vertical divider width now defaults to 1 instead of 0
-- MS Windows toolbar fixes from Jonathan Harris
-- Fix for XtDisplay being called with stale widget from Takeshi Hagiwara
-- Fixes for Cygwin b20 from Andy Piper
-- Package UI fetching improvements from Greg Klanderman
-- isearch regexp pruning bugfix from Hrvoje Niksic
-- package deletion fixes from Jan Vroonhof
-- gnuclient fix from Jan Vroonhof

to 21.0 "Poitou"
-- port to Motif >= 2.0
-- help keymap fixes from Jan Vroonhof
-- isearch mixed case bugfix from Hrvoje Niksic
-- cygwin gnuclient fix from Raymond Toy
-- fix for divide by 0 error in non-English MS Windows from Jonathan Harris
-- subprocess signalling fix for MS windows from Jonathan Harris
-- PROBLEMS file for MS windows from Jonathan Harris
-- BSD Fix from Kazuyuki IENAGA
-- miscellaneous bug fixes from Altrasoft
-- various package fixes
-- various documentation updates
-- widening fix from Gunnar Everman
-- signal fix in find-file-noselect from Hrvoje Niksic
-- Memory leak fix from Martin Buchholz
-- Memory leak fix from CDE DnD from Oliver Graf

to 21.0 "Norwegian"
-- PNG memleak fix from Andy Piper
-- MS Windows NT directory separator check fix from Jonathan Harris
-- font-menu fix from Jan Vroonhof

to 21.0 pre12 "Irish Goat"
-- visual package installer from Darryl Okahata
-- miscellaneous bug fixes from various people
-- miscellaneous fixes from Hrvoje Niksic
-- regexp docs from Karl Hegbloom

to 21.0 pre11 "Finnish Landrace"
-- Update of PROBLEMS by Marcus Thiessel
-- startup fixes from Michael Sperber
-- file-readable-p fix from Hrvoje Niksic

to 21.0 pre10 "Erzgeberg"
-- configure cleanup from Jareth Hein.
-- JPEG, GIF MS Windows native build procedure fixes from Jeff Sparkes
-- Doc fixes from Martin Buchholz
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes from Martin Buchholz

to 21.0 pre9 "Danish Landrace"
-- miscellaneous patches from Christoph Wedler
-- German TUTORIAL fix from Adrian Aichner
-- miscellaneous fixes from Charles Waldman, Martin Buchholz, Michael
-- miscellaneous fixes from Jonathan Harris, Colin Rafferty, Kai Haberzettl
-- cygwin fixes from Andy Piper
-- Reintegration of in-XEmacs gif support from Jareth Hein

to 21.0 pre8 "Corsican"
-- XEmacs enhanced button courtesy of Dave Finton
-- PNG transparency fix from Jareth Hein
-- typo fix in from Jan Vroonhof
-- GC bug fix from Gunnar Evermann.
-- Miscellaneous documentation updates from Adrian Aichner and Michael 
-- Miscellaneous Lisp bug fixes from Jan Vroonhof, Greg Klanderman and John
-- DEC OSF support from Martin Buchholz
-- Unitialized builtin variable bug fix from Altrasoft
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes from Altrasoft

to 21.0 pre7 "Benadir"
-- [NONE]

to 21.0 pre6 "Belgian Fawn"
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes from various people
-- Rename MS Windows 'resource image instantiator to 'mswindows-resource
   courtesy of Altrasoft and Ben Wing

to 21.0 pre5 "Zhong Wei"
-- multiple DB configure fix from Gregory Neil Shapiro
-- miscellaneous fixes from various people

to 21.0 pre4 "Uzbek Black"
-- Miscellaneous documentation cleanup from Altrasoft
-- Updates for using emacsbug.el as primary bug report interface from
   Hrvoje Niksic
-- Russian TUTORIAL courtesy of Vladimir Bormotov
-- Build and dump fixes for MS Windows from Jonathan Harris
-- Modeline/Toolbar background color fix from Andy Piper
-- Hook fix redux from Kyle Jones
-- Patch for EFS for MS Windows NT native from Jonathan Harris
-- various patches and manual changes from Adrian Aichner
-- Miscellaneous hook patches from Kyle Jones
-- Calendar manual updates from Jeff Miller
-- various fixes from Martin Buchholz, Olivier Galibert, Michael Sperber
-- Documentation cleanup by Michael Sperber
-- Fix for customize breakage in MS Windows from Andy Piper
-- Line-number mode tuning from Hrvoje Niksic
-- Romanian Tutorial translation courtesy of Tudor Hulubei
-- Romanian Tutorial integration from Altrasoft

to 21.0 pre3 "Toggenburg"
-- Configure changes to handle Berkeley DB 2 from Kazuyuki IENAGA and Martin
-- 64 bit cleanliness fix from Olivier Galibert
-- Package Documentation from Michael Sperber
-- Cygwin font lossage fix from Andy Piper

to 21.0 pre2 "Thuringian"
-- MS Windows font fixes from Jonathan Harris
-- MS Windows native build fixes from Fabrice POPINEAU
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes
-- Documentation updates
-- credits updates

to 21.0 pre1 "Swedish Landrace"
-- package-get-base synchronized with latest packages
-- MULE-ize eldap.c from Hrvoje Niksic
-- ntplay fix from Andy Piper
-- info fixes from Oscar Figueiredo
-- list-mode fix from Christoph Wedler
-- Gnuclient SIGHUP fix from Jim Radford

to 21.0 beta43 "Spanish"
-- texinfo documentation synched from GNU texinfo-3.12
-- Manual cleanup from Adrian Aichner
-- Miscellaneous fixes from Rick Rankin
-- D'n'D fixes from Oliver Graf
-- startup changes from Stephen Turnbull
-- Miscellaneous fixes from Kirill Katsnelson
-- PNG Graphics fix from Gunnar Evermann
-- Miscellaneous MS windows patches from Andy Piper
-- Graphics update from Hrvoje Niksic
-- Miscellaneous patches from Hrvoje Niksic
-- NEWS updates from Hrvoje Niksic
-- Grayscale JPEG fix from Jareth Hein
-- Miscellaneous patches from Didier Verna
-- Miscellaneous patches from Altrasoft

to 21.0 beta42 "Somali"
-- Sounds are no longer included in the core distribution
-- Unexec fix for SGI from Olivier Galibert
-- xbm support for MS Windows
-- pixel function updates from Greg Klanderman
-- Miscellaneous cygwin patches from Andy Piper
-- Miscellaneous patches from Martin Buchholz
-- New GIF lite readonly GIF support from Jareth Hein
-- $HOME fixes for MS Windows from Darryl Okahata
-- Miscellaneous changes from Kirill Katsnelson
-- DnD update from Oliver Graf
-- pixel function naming cleanup from Greg Klanderman
-- specifier fixes from Hrvoje Niksic
-- tooltalk crash fix from Gunnar Evermann
-- various changes from Andy Piper
-- toolbar button size and glyph patch from Andy Piper
-- Miscellaneous changes from Hrvoje Niksic
-- Miscellaneous changes from Martin Buchholz
-- warnings cleanup from Kirill Katsnelson
-- msw graphics patch from Andy Piper

to 21.0 beta41 "San Clemente"
-- MS Windows font charset support from Kirill Katsnelson
-- Special glyph fixes from Kirill Katsnelson
-- MS Windows Dialog boxes from Kirill Katsnelson
-- allow electric slash to be a backslash from Hrvoje Niksic
-- Selection cleanup from Andy Piper
-- LDAP compilation fixes from Martin Buchholz and Oscar Figueiredo
-- MS Windows NT dump fix from Kirill Katsnelson
-- gnuserv for MS Windows NT and Cygwin from Andy Piper
-- Cursor resource update from Andy Piper
-- save-some-buffers fix from Hrvoje Niksic
-- Specifier fixes from Hrvoje Niksic
-- Various warning fixes from Martin Buchholz
-- face fix from Andy Piper
-- Various MS Windows fixes from Kirill Katsnelson