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 * Sun May 3 1998 Oliver Graf <ograf@fga.de>

This path contains test code for the new XEmacs
Drag'n'Drop code.

To test the code do the following:
1) call 'bash droptest.sh' to create the test files in /tmp
2) load and eval droptest.el in XEmacs
3) Try to do some internal DnD by using the sources and targets
   in the new buffer
4) Do some external DnD:
   4a) OffiX: use files and editor of OffiX
              drag something from files or editor into XEmacs
              drag something from XEmacs to xv (only with OffiX patch,
              editor or files -- files can only move and copy within
              itself, cause OffiX is not quite the right thing to do)
   4b) CDE: use dtfile and dtpad instead, but here everything should
   4c) MSWindows: well, explorer should do. But only file data
                  should work, and I don't know if the test
                  already handles this.

The misc-user-event now also responds as a button-x-event
to the event-* query functions.

The function of a drag is called dragdrop-drop-dispatch
as you can see in droptest.el. From within the function
you can access the actual misc-user-event through the
current-mouse-event variable.

Short description of the object part of a drop misc-user-event:
TYPE is either the symbol dragdrop_MIME
     or the symbol dragdrop_URL

DATA is a list of URL strings if TYPE is dragdrop_URL
     if TYPE is dragdrop_MIME DATA is either a string
     which contains the MIME data, or it is a list of
     CONTENT-TYPE is encoded for tm-view (list, first element type,
	rest key.value conses)
     CONTENT-ENCODING is a string
     MIME-DATA is a string

     CONTENT-TYPE and -ENCODING can be directly supplied to mime/viewer-mode.