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This file briefly describes all changes to XEmacs in the OXYMORON
series of releases.  In principle there should be no user interface
changes listed here, since this is intended to be a stable series.  In
practice, some bugfixes do involve user-visible changes.  In general
users should be happy about them, but they may affect workarounds you
have put in place.  So those that do are noted here with (**).

Also, the MS Windows platform support is not fully mature, and the GTK
platform support is explicitly experimental.  In those cases
improvements that provably do not affect other platforms are accepted.
The platform affected is noted, and the change is flagged (**).

Fixing a critical bug is not considered a "user interface change" in the
sense that there should be no way for it to interfere with you getting
more work done.

Where there are many changes, they will be grouped into run-time,
build-time, and "documentation and data" changes.

For more details, including developers involved and dates, see the
ChangeLogs, or use CVS diff to view the patches.

to XEmacs 21.4.6 "Common Lisp"

  - Changing coding system marks buffer as modified.
  - More file/directory dialogs available on Windows.
  - In replace-regexp, subexpression replacement supported.
  - Motif bug causes intermittent crashes.  Patch Motif: see PROBLEMS.
  - Common subexpression optimization caused an illegal pointer
    reference in regexp replace; fixed.
  - Autosave files are now saved in current coding system (where file
    coding supported).  This resolves the "doubled escape" bug common
    in Japanese mail files, but increases the chance that autosave
    files will contain garbage (because the buffer contents cannot be
    saved correctly in the current coding system).
  - Failure to save certain customizations fixed.
  - Ability to customize fonts improved, especially the "cannot
    customize italic" bug
  - Window loop now properly iterates over multiple devices; some
    problems with wrong window being selected (eg, with gnuclient)
  - Certain infloops in password prompts, etc, fixed.
  - Make space for symbols defined in modules in Lisp symbol tables
  - Errors due to failure to conform to pop-up menu API in GTK fixed.
  - Cygwin URL handling in shell calls fixed.
  - Inability to select directories fixed.
  - Initial VC.NET support.
  - New node on "packaging" for library developers in Lispref.
  - Fix incorrect ctime to Lisp conversion.
  - HP-UX LDFLAGS fix.
  - Many typo fixes and small documentation enhancements.
  - New section of examples of glyph usage in Lispref.
  - Make `truncate-partial-width-windows' effect buffer-local.
  - Suppress bogus focus changes.
  - Fix custom's handling of font size and family.
  - Fix comboreloc crash (common on Linux when making first frame).
  - Default --with-ipv6-cname=no.
  - From 21.4.5 "Civil Service (Windows)":
    - Fixed a scrollbar problem when selecting the frame with focus.
    - Fixed `mswindows-shell-execute' under cygwin.
    - Added a new function `mswindows-cygwin-to-win32-path' for JDE.
    - Added support for dialog-based directory selection.
    - The installer version has been updated to the 21.5 netinstaller.  The
      21.5 installer now does proper dde file association and adds uninstall
    - Handle leak fix from Mike Alexander.
    - New release build script.

to XEmacs 21.4.5 "Civil Service"

  - Now installs arch-specific files relative to $execdir, not $prefix.
  - New configure.ac guards against autoconf 2.5x, not yet supported.
  - (**) configure.ac added to auto-mode-alist.
  - Synch configure.usage with configure.in.
  - Add GTK defaults in several places.
  - Fix Lisp syntax in several files.
  - call-process-internal reads files as 'binary, now writes 'binary too.
  - FAQ corrections.
  - Many typo fixes.
  - Correct case for XEmacs file names under msw (Cygwin is pedantic).
  - Fix progress gauge flashing under OpenMotif.
  - Texinfo syntax corrections in Info sources.
  - Bug reporting now politically correct.
  - Now detects xpm-nox on Cygwin.
  - Conditionalize `-msw.c against Cygwin and MSVC5 deficiencies.
  - .9 files now recognized as manpages (shadowed by ChangeLog and .scm).
  - Fix "gc in window proc" and "setitimer" crashes on msw.
  - Quote null arguments correctly on msw.
  - Fix pty allocation on SCO Unix.
  - Eliminate a few warnings.

to XEmacs 21.4.4 "Artificial Intelligence"

  - (**) There is a bug in "window procedures" under MS Windows only.
    Non-debug builds print a warning on stderr, and you may want to
    consider XEmacs unstable (save and restart) if you see it (debug
    builds assert here).
  - Printing the selection is implemented for MS Windows
  - C-g now works on MS Windows
  - Kinsoku (text wrapping for Asian scripts) fixes
  - "Scrolling with no scrollbar" crash on MS Windows fixed
  - Case conversion works for Cyrillic
  - Help is available with C-x s
  - M-x locate-library completes library names
  - (**) `replace-match' supports FSF-style match subexpressions
  - `compose-mail' is supported in about.el
  - (**) Renaming custom.el to inhibit loading it works
  - (**) "Reset to standard" works with "set" and "saved" Custom
  - `Unbalanced parentheses' bug when dealing with mixed comment
    styles in c++/java/etc. mode fixed
  - Byte-compiler optimization fixes
  - Dired can handle directory names with unusual characters
  - Popup menus work with popup-menu-titles turned off
  - (**) M-? now invokes Help
  - Data corruption in network streams on MS Windows fixed
  - A few improvements and bug fixes in GTK support.

  - (**) EsounD support is no longer autodetected; you must explicitly
    request it.  EsounD does evil things with signals and XEmacs
    cannot protect itself from the race conditions created.
  - (**) The "excessively long startup when not networked" (often on
    Red Hat Linux) problem is addressed with a configure option that
    defeats IPv6 host name canonicalization, `--with-ipv6-cname=no'.
    See also the discussion in PROBLEMS.
  - Better detection of Cygwin Perl
  - Support for old Cygwin betas dropped
  - Better support for Windows Millenium Edition
  - --with-widgets=no no longer autodetects Athena
  - Self tests work if directory is a symlink
  - Use ld reported by gcc, not gcc itself, to link
  - TAR define added to src/Makefile

  - Many small and medium documentation fixes, including an improved
    etc/sample.init.el, German tutorial, CCL fonts documentation
  - etc/xemacs-ja.1 replaced with new translation
  - much improved FAQ

to XEmacs 21.4.3 "Academic Rigor"

  - Restore include of src/events-mod.h.
  - Detect Windows native sound under Cygwin
  - Restore patch for building --with-scrollbars=no

  - Update package docs
  - More photos
  - Misc comment fixes in source

to XEmacs 21.4.2 "Developer-Friendly Unix APIs"

  - (**) Stop shifted motion from making active region persist if no motion.
  - (**) MS Windows: Printer support now (optionally) adds headers/footers.
  - (**) MS Windows: Critical-quit works.
  - (**) GTK: Face editor changes can apply to GTK too.
  - Fix hang in Customize menu on Windows platforms.
  - Fix crash with xlc -O3 on AIX.
  - make-charset handles short-name correctly.

  - Trivial sign-compare warning fix.
  - MS Windows: nt/*.mak version string fix and assorted build cleanups.
  - GCC 3.0 link error from cruft fixed.
  - make-stds.info builds again with makeinfo 3.12

  - Remove CVS keywords from build-report.el.
  - Miscellaneous documentation fixes.
  - Add photos, update descriptions in about.el.
  - Update copyright notice on splash screen.
  - FTP mirror site updates

to XEmacs 21.4.1 "Copyleft"

  - Temporary fix to crash in map-keymap applied.
  - Crash in Motif builds on closing frame fixed.

  - Descriptions of workarounds for crashes and hangs related to ESD
    (don't configure it) and Athena3d (how to configure it properly)
    added to PROBLEMS.

  - about.el overhauled, a few new hackers' entries or photos added,
    and old ones updated.
  - More etc\NEWS.
  - Typo fix in etc\sample.init.el.
  - Typos fixed in a number of documents.

to XEmacs 21.4.0 "Solid Vapor"

  - Initial release of 21.4 series.  See NEWS for changes since the last
    stable release, 21.1.