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xemacs-21.4 / CHANGES-beta

							-*- indented-text -*-
to 20.3 beta12 "Helsinki"
-- cc-mode-5.12.
-- ~/.xemacs --> ~/.xemacs/init.el
-- ~/.xemacs-custom -> ~/.xemacs/options.el
-- Fix lossage in lwlib-Xm.c
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes

to 20.3 beta11 "Stockholm"
-- Try #2 with LOSING_BYTECODE disabled.
-- Interface change: value of `system-type' is provided as a feature
-- Gnus-5.4.62
-- W3-3.0.93
-- Custom-1.9946
-- New user variable `errors-deactivate-region'
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes.
-- iso-acc.el-1.15  (Mule fixes)
-- autoloads/custom loads generation in build updated
-- Fix for frozen messages in message area from Kyle Jones.

to 20.3 beta10 "Athens"
-- Linuxdoc-sgml.el courtesy of Arun Sharma.
-- rewritten abbreviations from Hrvoje Niksic
-- Gnus-5.4.60
-- New file image-mode.el (Major mode for displaying image files)
-- Miscellaneous Mule patches from MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- Miscellaneous Hrvoje Niksic patches
-- Configure/tree-x patches from Martin Buchholz
-- Restore Show Message Log in Edit menu.
-- `make autoloads' updated and should now work without Mule [untested].
-- New boolean variable `x-seppuku-on-epipe' to handle case of X Server going
   away and XEmacs not exiting.  Set to `t' to force immediate exit
-- custom-1.9940
-- gnuserv.el-3.6
-- speedbar-0.5 courtesy of Eric Ludlam
-- Internals change -- Use fork() instead of vfork() for invoking
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes

to 20.3 beta9 "Sofia".
-- cc-mode-5.11
-- custom-1.9937
-- Mule Updates/Quail/Synch with Emacs/Mule zeta courtesy of MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- lazy-lock.el reverted to 1.14 as per Ben Wing's instructions.
-- ph.el-2.1
-- W3-3.0.92 courtesy of William Perry
-- reftex.el-2.14
-- Lots of Miscellaneous Hrvoje Niksic patches
-- view-process 2.4 -- Courtesy of Heiko Muenkel
-- time.el-1.17
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes

to 20.3 beta8 "Copenhagen".
-- Custom changes now saved in ~/.xemacs-custom and loaded automatically at
-- oobr support binaries moved from lisp hierarchy to new top level
   directory `pkg-src'
-- Viper-2.94 Courtesy of Michael Kifer
-- Customizations from Hrvoje Niksic
-- FAQ update from Andreas Kaempf
-- New graphic cbx.gif added to etc, courtesy of Jens Lautenbacher,
   `Created by XEmacs' suitable for adorning a web page.
-- save-some-buffers now has an option to preview dirty buffers as
   they are being offered for save.  Courtesy of David Bakhash
-- XEmacs compiles in 64 bit SGI environment courtesy of Olivier Galibert
-- Hardcoded -I/usr/local/include, -L/usr/local/include removed
-- edmacro.el-3.16
-- mapvector is now a subr courtesy of Hrvoje Niksic
-- new function archive-quit in arc-mode.el courtesy of Karl Hegbloom
-- debug-on-error (round 2) courtesy of Hrvoje Niksic
-- Gnus-5.4.59
-- Build no longer depends on a list of .elc files listed in src/Makefile.in.in
   (only important to developers)
-- If a .xemacs file exists, use it in preference to .emacs.  If no .xemacs
   use .emacs as usual.  The file loaded is left in `user-init-file'
-- Overhaul of XEmacs startup code, Part II
-- custom-1.9931
-- Miscellaneous Ebola fixes
-- New internal autoload generating function `batch-update-directory'
-- New file hippie-exp.el from Emacs/Mule zeta
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes

to 20.3 beta7 "Oslo".
-- Miscellaneous Ebola fixes
-- hyper-apropos update courtesy of Hrvoje Niksic
-- Make lib-complete deal with compressed .el files when not using Mule.
   (Patch based on code from Jonathan Doughty)
-- Gnus refcard update courtesy of Vladimir Alexiev
-- Various fixes from Kyle Jones
-- ph.el- Courtesy of Oscar Figueiredo
-- custom-1.9916
-- `with-current-buffer', etc. ported from Emacs 20.1 courtesy of Hrvoje
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes

to 20.3 beta6 "Moscow".
-- Configure updates courtesy of Martin Buchholz
-- Mule updates courtesy of MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- Lots of Ebola cleanup, but much remains
-- Miscellaneous bug fixes

to 20.3 beta5 "Zagreb".
-- Configure patches continued from Martin Buchholz
-- Miscellaneous Bug Fixes from various people (see ChangeLogs)
-- custom-1.9908
-- Moved mule-doc/demo to etc/HELLO for the mule menu.

to 20.3 beta4 "Warsaw".
-- miscellaneous bug fixes
-- various about.el additions & updates
-- edmacro.el-3.15
-- Configure patches courtesy of Martin Buchholz
-- about.el-2.2 courtesy of Hrvoje Niksic
-- New function eval-when-feature from Emacs 20
-- Toolbar buttons now take arbitrary lisp functions for callback
-- webjump.el-1.5 courtesy of Neal W. Van Dyke
-- reftex.el-2.13 courtesy of Carsten Dominik
-- Initial synch with InfoDock 3.5
-- Give defcustom the same special treatment defvar gets when evaluated with
   `eval-last-sexp' (C-x C-e)
-- "These patches make XEmacs run under NT!" - David Hobley
-- Initial port of LEIM courtesy of MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- tm-7.108 courtey of MORIOKA Tomohiko
-- Custom-1.9907
-- VM-6.32
-- Gnus-5.4.56
-- ediff & viper updates courtesy of Michael Kifer
-- icomplete.el-4.10 courtesy of Ken Manheimer
-- gdb-highlight.el courtesy of Jamie Zawinski
-- New function `narrow-to-defun' bound to `C-x n d', from Emacs 19.35
-- Oops, sorry.  gnudoit script restored
-- New function `kill-buffer-and-window' bound to `C-x 4 0', from Emacs 19.34
-- Cleanup of dumped packages to eliminate bytecompiler warnings

to 20.3 beta3.
-- miscellaneous bug fixes
-- iso-acc.el-1.14 courtesy of Alexandre Oliva
-- custom-load.el renamed to cus-load.el and is no longer dumped
-- Configure patches courtesy of Martin Buchholz
-- etags.c-12.7
-- Old packages removed:  modes/old-c-mode.el, modes/old-c++-mode.el,
   emulators/mlconvert.el, emulators/mlsupport.el.
   packages/generic-sc.el, packages/mime-compose.el, packages/netunam.el,
   packages/sccs.el, packages/server.el.
   utils/mailpost.el, utils/meese.el.
-- dynodump hierarchy restored to distribution
-- ssh.el-1.3 courtesy of Noah Friedman
-- AUC TeX-9.7p courtesy of Per Abrahamsen
-- savehist.el-0.2 courtesy of Hrvoje Niksic
-- GPM support courtesy of William Perry
-- Custom-1.98
-- hm--html-menus-5.7 courtesy of Heiko Muenkel
-- Gnus-5.4.55

to 20.3 beta2.
-- mega configure patches courtesy of Martin Buchholz
-- edmacro.el-3.14
-- eldoc.el-1.13 courtesy of Noah Friedman
-- strokes.el-2.2 courtesy of David Bakhash
-- eterm updates courtesy of Per Bothner
-- add-log.el gets new mode type variables for lisp-like, c-like, and tex-like
   modes courtesy of Erik Naggum
-- add-log.el synched with Emacs 20.0
-- gnudoit removed, Gnuserv updated courtesy of Hrvoje Niksic
-- miscellaneous bug fixes
-- Fix for multiple frame `cursor lockstep' bug courtesy of Kyle Jones
-- Continued configure/build cleanup
-- obsolete dynodump directories removed
-- Gnus-5.4.53 courtesy of Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen
-- vc-hooks.el, vc.el synched up with Emacs 19.34.94.
-- Bytecompiler optimization hacking courtesy of Jamie Zawinski

to 20.3 beta1.
-- Custom-1.97 courtesy of Per Abrahamsen
-- Obsolete files emacstool.c, emacsclient.c, emacsserver.c removed
-- etags.c-11.90 courtesy of Francesco Potorti`
-- Dragable modeline courtesy of Kyle Jones
-- Gnuserv.el 3.1 & upgrade of gnuclient courtesy of Hrvoje Niksic
-- Upgrade to configure 2.12 courtesy of Martin Buchholz
-- New variable `Info-button1-follows-hyperlink' to allow disabling the
-- Restore Gosling Emacs transpose-chars implementation as an option