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More Neat Stuff for your Emacs			-*-Outline-*-

This file describes GNU Emacs programs and resources that are maintained
by other people.  Some of these may become part of the Emacs distribution
in the future.

* The LCD archive

There is a large collection of Emacs Lisp code available for FTP at
archive.cis.ohio-state.edu; it is actively maintained by Dave Brennan
<brennan@hal.com> and Dave Sill <de5@ornl.gov>.

To get started using this archive, do:

	ftp archive.cis.ohio-state.edu

Once you're in FTP, do

	cd pub/gnu/emacs/elisp-archive
	get lispdir.el.Z
	get LCD-datafile.Z

and exit.  Then do:

	compress -d *.Z

The lispdir.el package will help you search for useful packages in the
LCD-datafile, which is a list of the archive constants.  It will even
fetch them for you on command.

* Eric Ludlam's etalk system

Eric Ludlam has written a C program and Emacs Lisp code to do Internet talk
through an Emacs window.  The package also includes Emacs Lisp code which
assists you in using talk to play a number of different interactive games.

This system seems to be quite nicely put together and is well documented
with a texinfo file that you can integrate into Emacs's own on-line help.
It's too large and specialized to include in the Emacs distribution, though.

Sources of this system are available for FTP at


Look under pub/contrib.  As of March 23 1993, there are two relevant files:

	pub/contrib/etalk0.6B.tar.Z	--- sources of the talk system
	pub/contrib/egames0.6B.tar.Z	--- more game-support files

We don't know whether this can use the additional features in GNU talk.