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This is the readme file for pcl-cvs, release 1.05-CVS-$Name:  $.

Pcl-cvs is a front-end to CVS versions 1.5 through 1.7.  It integrates
the most frequently used CVS commands into an emacs interface.

There may be some configuration that needs to be done in pcl-cvs.el to
get it to work.  See the instructions in the file INSTALL.

Full documentation is in Texinfo format in the file pcl-cvs.texinfo.  To
browse this document online, or in the emacs info mode, you will need to
process this file with the makeinfo program, which can also be found on
prep.ai.mit.edu in pub/gnu.

If you have been using a previous version of pcl-cvs (for instance the
official 1.05 release, or any previous releases) you should read through
the file NEWS to see what has changed.

This release has been tested under, Emacs 19.28 and Emacs 19.30.

Per Cederqvist
(updated by Jim Blandy, Greg A. Woods, Karl Fogel)

#OrigId	"@(#) Id: README,v 1.14 1993/05/31 22:43:36 ceder Exp "
#ident	"@(#)cvs/contrib/pcl-cvs:$Name:  $:$Id: README,v 1996/12/18 03:32:27 steve Exp $"