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This directory contains some text files of documentation for XEmacs or
of interest to XEmacs users, some programs used by or with XEmacs, and
the file of on-line documentation for XEmacs.

BABYL			A description of BABYL file format
CODING-STANDARDS	XEmacs C & Lisp coding standards
COOKIES			Urban Legend, or True Story? :-)
COPYING			GNU Public License
COPYING.LIB		Library GNU Public License
DEBUG			Hints on how to debug XEmacs
DISTRIB			How to obtain copies of XEmacs and Emacs
Emacs.ad		Sample Resource file
FTP			XEmacs FTP Mirrors
GNU			GNU Manifesto
GNUS-NEWS		New features in Gnus-5.4
LPF			Information about the League for Programming Freedom
MACHINES		List of known machines configurations (OLD)
MAILINGLISTS		List of available Mailing lists
MH-E-NEWS		List of changes to MH-E to version 5.0.
MORE.STUFF		List of useful unbundled packages
MSDOS			Status of MSDOS port
NEWS			XEmacs 20.3 release information
OTHER.EMACSES		Order forms for GNU software
README			This file
SERVICE			How to obtain paid support for free software
TERMS			Information about termcap entries
TUTORIAL		Tutorial for first time users
XKeysymDB		X Keysym Database with Motif bindings
app-defaults/		Localization resource files (Japanese only)
auctex/			AUC TeX style files
*.Z			Various pictures of XEmacs developers
categories		XEmacs GNATS bug report categories
ctags.1			Ctags man page
custom/			Images used in Custom mode
e/			Emacs terminal types
edt-user.doc		Information about EDT mode
emacsstrs.sco		Special files for running on an SCO console
enriched.doc		Information about Enriched mode
eos/			Images for EOS support (GUD)
etags.1			Etags man page
frame-icon/		Images for frame-icon.el
gnats/			XEmacs GNATS bug report support files
gnu.xpm			Image of a Gnu.
gnuattach.1		Gnuattach man page
gnuclient.1		Gnuclient man page
gnudoit.1		Gnudoit man page
gnus/			Images for the Gnus News & Mail reader
gnus-refcard.tex	Gnus reference card (refcard.tex in Gnus distribution)
gnus-tut.txt		Gnus tutorial
gnuserv.1		Gnuserv man page
gnuserv.README		Original README file from gnuserv
gnusref.tex		Gnus reference card
gray1.xbm		Gray bitmap
hypb-mouse.txt		Hyperbole mouse reference
ida-logo.xpm		InfoDock Associates logo
ledit.l			Ledit lisp file?
message/		Images for Message mode
mine/			Images for Xmine game
ms-kermit-7bit		Files for running XEmacs through kermit
mule/			MULE documentation (OLD)
recycle2.xpm		Two versions of oversized Recycle cursor
refcard.ps		Postscript version of XEmacs reference card
refcard.tex		XEmacs reference card
sample.Xdefaults	Example ~/.Xdefaults file
sample.emacs		Example ~/.emacs file
sgml/			SGML catalog, DTDs, etc.
sink.xbm		A Gnu icon
smilies/		Smiley images for smiley.el
sounds/			Sound files for sound support
sparcworks/		Support files for Sparcworks
spook.lines		Keywords that might trip TLA wiretaps
tests/			Testcases for external widget
time/			Image files for display-time
toolbar/		Image files for the toolbar
trash.xpm		Garbage can icon
viperCard.tex		Viper reference card
vm/			Image files for VM mail reader
w3/			Image files for W3 browser
xemacs-icon3.xpm	Various versions of an XEmacs WM icon
xemacs.1		XEmacs man page
xemacs.xpm		XEmacs logo used on the splash screen
yow.lines		Database used by yow.el