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And allow the regexp-opt compiler macro to take more arguments

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+2010-01-10  Aidan Kehoe  <>
+	* regexp-opt.el (regexp-opt):
+	And now, because verilog-mode attempts to call #'regexp-opt with
+	three arguments, don't be strict about the number of arguments
+	this compiler macro accepts.
 2010-01-10  Aidan Kehoe  <>
 	* regexp-opt.el (regexp-opt):
 ;; XEmacs change; this functionality is in bytecomp.el in GNU Emacs, since
 ;; regexp-opt.el is in core.
-(define-compiler-macro regexp-opt (&whole form strings &optional paren)
+(define-compiler-macro regexp-opt (&whole form &rest arguments)
   (if (and (cl-const-exprs-p (cdr form))
            (function-allows-args #'regexp-opt (length (cdr form))))
       (condition-case nil (eval form) (error form))