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Applied Yoshiki Hayashi fix from <>
with Subject "Re: [xemacs-base] read-passwd doc-string improvement".

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+1999-12-27  Yoshiki Hayashi  <>
+	* passwd.el (read-passwd): Document how to disable recording
+	key strokes.
 1999-12-04  Jan Vroonhof  <>
 	* passwd.el (passwd-secure-display): Fix missing (lambda line. Don't
 Note that the password will be temporarily recoverable with the `view-lossage'
 command.  This data will not be overwritten until another hundred or so 
-characters are typed.  There's not currently a way around this."
+characters are typed.  You can temporarily disable recording key strokes
+by binding `inhibit-input-event-recording' to t."
     (let ((input (get-buffer-create " *password*"))