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 							-*- indented-text -*-
+to 19.16 -- "Bordeaux"
+-- about.el touch up
+-- TM and MH-e PGP problem documented in PROBLEMS
 to 19.16 pre6 -- "New York"
 -- Fix for using a pixmap background
 -- about.el updated


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 This is normal (trust us) when upgrading to VM-6.22 from earlier versions.
 Let VM finish what it is doing and all will be well.
+* MH-E and TM can have problems with PGP messages.
+Rick Campbell <rickc@lehman.com> writes:
+A combination of MH-E and TM can cause problems deciphering PGP messages.
+TM causes mh-clean-message-header to be ignored and it must set
+to nil for MH and TM to play nicely.

File lisp/prim/about.el

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 	Come visit his glorified .plan file at
-	  (about-xref "http://www.netscape.com/people/jwz/" 'w3-jamie "Visit Jamie's WWW page")
+	  (about-xref "http://people.netscape.com/jwz/" 'w3-jamie "Visit Jamie's WWW page")
 	  (insert "\n\n\tClick ")
 	  (about-xref "here" prev-page "Return to previous page")
 	  (insert " to go back to the previous page.\n")
 	  James Thompson <thompson@wg2.waii.com>
 	  Morioka Tomohiko <morioka@jaist.ac.jp>
 	  Raymond L. Toy <toy@rtp.ericsson.se>
+	  Remek Trzaska <remek@npac.syr.edu>
 	  John Turner <turner@xdiv.lanl.gov>
 	  Juan E. Villacis <jvillaci@cs.indiana.edu>
 	  Jan Vroonhof <vroonhof@math.ethz.ch>

File lisp/version.el

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   "Non-nil when this is a test (beta) version of XEmacs.
 Warning, this variable did not exist in XEmacs versions prior to 20.3")
-(defconst xemacs-codename "New York"
+(defconst xemacs-codename "Bordeaux"
   "Symbolic name of XEmacs build.
 Warning, this variable did not exist in XEmacs versions prior to 19.16
 and 20.3")