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[xemacs-hg @ 2002-03-13 08:51:24 by ben] The big ben-mule-21-5 check-in! Various files were added and deleted. See CHANGES-ben-mule. There are still some test suite failures. No crashes, though. Many of the failures have to do with problems in the test suite itself rather than in the actual code. I'll be addressing these in the next day or so -- none of the test suite failures are at all critical. Meanwhile I'll be trying to address the biggest issues -- i.e. build or run failures, which will almost certainly happen on various platforms. All comments should be sent to -- use a Cc: if necessary when sending to mailing lists. There will be pre- and post- tags, something like pre-ben-mule-21-5-merge-in, and post-ben-mule-21-5-merge-in.