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# List of problems with XEmacs. If anyone wants to work on these, please
# mail me and I'll update the table below.

# Core NT issues
    1. Subprocess support is completely broken. 
    2. Networking support is completely broken. This is due to the fact that
       the model relies on the subprocess support also working. 
    4. No binary release. We know a binary release would be A Good Thing.
       However we want to make things stable before producing one so we don't
       have to field too many problems. Sorry. 
    5. Support for dired is perhaps not quite there. We need to port ls-lisp.el
       from FSF Emacs. 
    6. Currently the backup files do not get the same permissions as the file
       being edited. August Hill is looking at this one. 
    7. Verify that CRLF issues are dealt with correctly. Marc Paquette is
       looking at this. 
    8. Use the registry to store the root directory(ies) of lisp packages; that
       is the path name, not the elisp files.

# X issues
    1. Redrawing on my (davidh) system seems fairly broken - I don't know if
       this is the XEmacs redraw functionality, my X server or just something
       strange with X under NT. Has anyone else experiences with this ?

# Native GUI issues
    0. The entire event model.
    1. Calling mouse_[enter|leave]_frame_hook
    2. Can't change bold, italic or bold-italic face fonts
    3. Bogus delay when setting default- or initial-frame-plist
    4. Short timeouts don't seem to be very accurate
    5. Scrollbar dragging.  Redisplay isn't called while dragging.
       Also can't retrieve 32 bit tracking position with GetScrollInfo()
    6. Menubar
    7. Palette handling
    8. Middle mouse button emulation
    9. Drag'n'drop
   10. Images

Old Issues. 

    1. For some reason, HOME is a required environment variable.