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This directory contains C header files containing machine-specific
definitions.  Each file describes a particular machine.  The emacs
configuration script edits ../config.h to include the appropriate one of
these files, and then each emacs source file includes config.h.

template.h is a generic template for machine descriptions; it
describes the parameters a machine file can specify.

General XEmacs Changes
1. Removed all code dealing with VALBITS and XSET*.  These are handled
   differently in XEmacs.

2. Removed all defines of WORDS_BIGENDIAN.  Now determined by configure.

3. Put #ifndef PURESIZE around all PURESIZE defines so that it can be
   overridden at configure time.

4. Removed all defines of NO_ARG_ARRAY.  The arg-array hack is not
   done in XEmacs. (If you want to put it back, use configure --
   autoconf has a check for this.)

5. Removed all defines of BITS_PER_INT, BITS_PER_LONG -- now
   determined by configure.

See ../s/README for a list of other changes made to the FSF 19.30
configuration files for XEmacs.