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Description of available packages by category
This data is up-to-date as of January 17, 2001.

** Library Packages (libs)
These packages are required to build and support most of the rest of
XEmacs.  By design, xemacs-base is a `regular' package.  Use restraint 
when adding new files there as it is required by almost everything.

*** Sun
Support for Sparcworks.

*** apel
A Portable Emacs Library.  Used by XEmacs MIME support.

*** dired
The DIRectory EDitor is for manipulating, and running commands on
files in a directory.

*** edebug
A Lisp debugger.

*** efs
Treat files on remote systems the same as local files.

*** elib
Portable Emacs Lisp utilities library.

*** fsf-compat
FSF Emacs compatibility files.

*** mail-lib
Fundamental lisp files for providing email support.

*** sounds-au
XEmacs Sun sound files.

*** sounds-wav
XEmacs Microsoft sound files.

*** tooltalk
Support for building with Tooltalk.

*** xemacs-base
Fundamental XEmacs support.  Install this unless you wish a totally
naked XEmacs.

*** xemacs-devel
XEmacs Lisp developer support.  This package contains utilities for
supporting Lisp development.  It is a single-file package so it may be 

** Communications Packages (comm)
These packages provide support for various communications, primarily
email and usenet.

*** bbdb
The Big Brother Data Base

*** eicq
ICQ Client developed and tested on Linux x86; 
only supported on that platform

*** eudc
Emacs Unified Directory Client (LDAP, PH).

*** footnote
Footnoting in mail message editing modes.

*** gnats
XEmacs bug reports.

*** gnus
The Gnus Newsreader and Mailreader.

*** mailcrypt
Support for messaging encryption with PGP.

*** mew
Messaging in an Emacs World.

*** mh-e
Front end support for MH.

*** net-utils
Miscellaneous Networking Utilities.  This is a single-file package and 
files may be deleted at will.

*** rmail
An obsolete Emacs mailer.  If you do not already use it don't start.

*** supercite
An Emacs citation tool.  Useful with all Emacs Mailers and Newsreaders.

*** tm
Emacs MIME support. Not needed for Gnus >= 5.8.0

*** vm
An Emacs mailer.

*** w3
A Web browser.

*** zenirc

** Games and Amusements (games)
All work and no play...

*** cookie
Spook and Yow (Zippy quotes).

*** games
Tetris, Sokoban, and Snake.

*** mine

*** misc-games
Other amusements and diversions.

** Mule Support (mule)
MULti-lingual Enhancement.  Support for world scripts such as
Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Hebrew etc.
To use these packages your XEmacs must be compiled with Mule

*** edict
Lisp Interface to EDICT, Kanji Dictionary.

*** egg-its
Wnn (4.2 and 6) support.  SJ3 support.  Must be installed prior to
XEmacs build.

*** leim
Quail.  Used for everything other than English and Japanese.

*** locale
Used for localized menubars (French and Japanese) and localized splash
screens (Japanese).

*** lookup
Dictionary support

*** mule-base
Basic Mule support.  Must be installed prior to building with Mule.

*** skk
Another Japanese Language Input Method.  Can be used without a
separate process running as a dictionary server.

** Productivity Packages (oa)
Things to make life a little easier.

*** calc
Emacs calculator.

*** calendar
Calendar and diary support.

*** edit-utils
Single file lisp packages for various XEmacs goodies.  Load this and
weed out the junk you don't want.

*** forms
Forms editing support (obsolete, use the built-in Widget instead).

*** frame-icon
Provide a WM icon based on major mode.

*** hm--html-menus
HTML editing.

*** ispell
Spell-checking with ispell.

*** pc
PC style interface emulation.

*** psgml
Validated HTML/SGML editing.

*** sgml
SGML/Linuxdoc-SGML editing.

*** slider
User interface tool.

*** speedbar
Provides a separate frame with convenient references.

*** strokes
Mouse enhancement utility.

*** text-modes
Various single file lisp packages for editing text files.

*** time
Display time & date on the modeline.

** Operating System Utilities (os)
Tools for working with the operating system.

*** eshell
Command shell implemented entirely in Emacs Lisp.

*** eterm
Terminal emulator.

*** igrep
Enhanced front-end for Grep.

*** ilisp
Front-end for Inferior Lisp.

*** os-utils
Miscellaneous single-file O/S utilities, for printing, archiving,
compression, remote shells, etc.

*** pcomplete
Provides programmatic completion.

*** ps-print-nomule
Old, but no-Mule safe ps-print.

*** view-process
A Unix process browsing tool.

** Program Editing Support (prog)
XEmacs supports a multitude of programming languages.  These
packages will help your coding.

*** ada
Ada language support.

*** c-support
Basic single-file add-ons for editing C code.

*** cc-mode
C, C++ and Java language support.

*** debug
GUD, gdb, dbx debugging support.

*** ediff
Interface over patch.

*** emerge
Another interface over patch.

*** idlwave
Editing and Shell mode for the Interactive Data Language.

*** jde
Java language and development support.

*** pcl-cvs
CVS frontend.

*** prog-modes
Miscellaneous single-file lisp files for various programming languages.

*** scheme
Front-end support for Inferior Scheme.

*** semantic
Semantic bovinator.

*** sh-script
Support for editing shell scripts.

*** vc
Version Control for Free systems.

*** vc-cc
Version Control for ClearCase.  This package will shortly be
replaced with clearcase.el

*** vhdl
Support for VHDL.

** Word Processing (wp)
Working with text.

*** auctex
Basic TeX/LaTeX support.

*** crisp
Crisp/Brief emulation.

*** edt
DEC EDIT/EDT emulation.

*** reftex
Emacs support for LaTeX cross-references, citations.

*** texinfo
XEmacs TeXinfo support.

*** textools
Single-file TeX support.

*** tpu
DEC EDIT/TPU support.

*** viper
VI emulation support.