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	     Building and Installing XEmacs on Windows NT

			     David Hobley
			    Marc Paquette
			   Jonathan Harris

Currently XEmacs for win32 is in an early stage of development.

The port was made much easier by the groundbreaking work of Geoff Voelker
and others who worked on the GNU Emacs port to NT. Their version is available
from http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/voelker/ntemacs.html

(jhar) I split the native-win32 build directory off from the nt build
directory. This is probably(?) a bad thing and I intend to try to merge the
w32 changes back in.

To get it working you will need:

1.  You will need Visual C++ V4.2 or later to compile everything. Personally we
    have tested V4.2 and V5.0.
2.  Grab the latest XEmacs beta from ftp.xemacs.org if necessary. All
    native-win32 support is in the w32/ subdirectory.
3.  Edit the xemacs.mak file and ensure variables point to the correct place.
    Note that Visual C++ assumes a couple of environment variables INCLUDE and
    LIB to be set which specify the location of the includes and libraries.
4.  Copy the files config.h and paths.h from w32/ to src/.
    "nmake -f xemacs.mak distclean" will delete these files, so always edit
    them in the w32 direvctory and copy them over.
5.  "nmake -f xemacs.mak"		Build temacs.exe.
    "nmake -f xemacs.mak dump-elcs"	Update the .elc files.
    "nmake -f xemacs.mak dump-xemacs"	Build xemacs.exe.
6.  Ensure your HOME environment variable is set correctly.
7.  The build process creates debugging and "Source Browser" information for
    use with MS DevStudio. To use this create a new "console" project and set
    the Project/Settings/Debug executable name to the full path of
    src\xemacs.exe. Remember to close the Source Browser file in DevStudio
    before rebuilding.
8.  If you're going to edit sources I recommend that you first get a copy of
    makedepend and make a list of dependencies in the makefile by doing
    "nmake -f xemacs.mak depend". I (jhar) have a hacked-up copy of X11R5
    makedepend which I can distribute if anyone wants it. Is there a real
    version anywhere which handles '\' as the path delimiter?

Known Problems:
Please look at the TODO list for the current list of problems and people 
working on them.

David Hobley   david_hobley@optusvision.com.au -- work email.
               davidh@wr.com.au                -- home account.

Marc Paquette  marcpa@cam.org                  -- home account.

August Hill    awhill@inlink.com

Jonathan Harris jhar@tardis.ed.ac.uk