1. xemacs
  2. xemacs-beta


xemacs-beta / msdos / mainmake

# make all	to compile and build Emacs.
# make install	to install it.
# make TAGS	to update tags tables.
# make clean  or  make mostlyclean
#      Delete all files from the current directory that are normally
#      created by building the program.	 Don't delete the files that
#      record the configuration.  Also preserve files that could be made
#      by building, but normally aren't because the distribution comes
#      with them.
#      Delete `.dvi' files here if they are not part of the distribution.
# make distclean
#      Delete all files from the current directory that are created by
#      configuring or building the program.  If you have unpacked the
#      source and built the program without creating any other files,
#      `make distclean' should leave only the files that were in the
#      distribution.
# make realclean
#      Delete everything from the current directory that can be
#      reconstructed with this Makefile.  This typically includes
#      everything deleted by distclean, plus more: C source files
#      produced by Bison, tags tables, info files, and so on.
# make extraclean
#      Still more severe - delete backup and autosave files, too.

all:	lib-src src

lib-src: FRC
	cd lib-src
	cd ..

src: FRC
	cd src
	cd ..

install: all
	-md bin
	cd lib-src
	coff2exe hexl
	coff2exe etags
	coff2exe ctags
	coff2exe b2m
	mv -f *.exe ../bin/
	cd ..
	cd src
	coff2exe emacs
	stubedit emacs.exe minstack=512k
	mv -f emacs.exe ../bin/
	cd ..


TAGS tags:	lib-src
	cd src
	go32 ../lib-src/etags *.[ch] ../lisp/*.el ../lisp/term/*.el
	cd ..

	@echo "We don't have any tests for GNU Emacs yet."