xemacs-beta / CHANGES-beta

							-*- indented-text -*-
to 19.16 pre4 -- "Bronx"
-- etc/Joke files restored
-- Various build patches from Darrell Kindred

to 19.16 pre3 -- "Manhattan"
-- NEWS file updated
-- a couple of synchs with XEmacs 20.2
-- warning cleanup

to 19.16 pre2 -- "Brooklyn"
-- Patch for XEmacs not Dying on quit applied
-- movemail synched with 20.3
-- Lispref synched with 20.3
-- XEmacs FAQ synched with 20.3
-- Internals manual synched with 20.3
-- VM-6.34 courtesy of Kyle Jones

to 19.16 pre1 -- "Queens"
-- Fix all lisp to refer to only keysyms with `-' instead of `_'.
-- Hardcode the version number since this is dead code and the previous
   kludgy method doesn't work anymore.

to 19.16 beta91
-- Make all texinfo source work with makeinfo-1.68
-- Update texinfo stuffs from texinfo-3.11
-- Updated finder database
-- Move AUCTeX style files so the package will work
-- provide 'xemacs for compatibility with future XEmacsen
-- improved color terminal detection
-- miscellaneous bug fixes
-- X-compose fixes Courtesy of Jan Vroonhof

to 19.16 beta90
-- Miscellaneous 20.1 fixes merged
-- Synch with 19.15p8 Courtesy of Alvin Shelton
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