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Thu Jul 14 19:53:46 1994  Morten Welinder  (terra@diku.dk)

	* sed2.inp (HAVE_STRERROR): Define.

Fri Jul  8 16:19:02 1994  Morten Welinder  (terra@diku.dk)

	* sed1.inp, sed2.inp: Use "m/intel386" instead of "m/dos386.h".

Wed Jun  1 20:02:54 1994  Morten Welinder  (terra@diku.dk)

	* sed4.inp: New file for configuring src/paths.h.

Mon May 30 04:33:36 1994  Richard Stallman  (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* Version 19.25 released.

Sun May 22 17:12:14 1994  Morten Welinder  (terra@diku.dk)

	* sed1.inp: Adding dos-fns.elc to the set of lisp files was moved
	to src/makefile.in.in.

Fri May 20 20:32:07 1994  Morten Welinder  (terra@tyr.diku.dk)

	* sed2.inp: Reflect change from CONFIGURATION to EMACS_CONFIGURATION.
	Also set it to correct three-part value.

Mon May 16 19:47:53 1994  Morten Welinder  (terra@tyr.diku.dk)

	* Version 19.23 released.

	* sed1.inp: Don't use `+' in regexps as different stream
	editors interpret them differently.  Use `*' instead.

Thu May 12 16:06:34 1994  Morten Welinder  (terra@diku.dk)

	* mainmake (install): Set the minimum stack (for running under
	DPMI) to 512K.  Avoid using wildcard for matching one file.

Sun May  8 07:35:11 1994  Morten Welinder  (terra@diku.dk)

	* sed3.inp: Don't pass version to [ce]tags.

Sat Apr 30 20:35:43 1994  Morten Welinder  (terra@diku.dk)

	* sed1.inp: don't comment out the inc-vers run as that
	does not exist anymore.
	Don't reset DEBUG_MOLE as that no longer is used.
	Identify the file being patched as src/...
	* sed2.inp: Identify the file being patched as src/...
	* sed3.inp: We don't have to have the version number in here
	anymore.  Instead we patch the way it is passed from make to
	the C compiler.

Fri Apr 29 00:38:09 1994  Morten Welinder  (terra@diku.dk)

	* sed1.inp: Set CFLAGS=-O2, not -g.  Handle the new
	M_FILE, S_FILE, and SET_MAKE defines.  Get rid of ^Ms.

	* sed2.inp: We have bcmp.  Configuration is "msdos".
	Get rid of ^Ms.

	* sed3.inp: Set CFLAGS=-O2, not -g.  Correct for
	new configuration regarding utilities not to compile.
	Fix version number.  Get rid of ^Ms.

Sat Jan  8 00:34:24 1994  Morten Welinder  (terra@diku.dk)

	* sed3.inp: improve make-compatibility by not using drive
	specifications and by not specifying an explicit shell.

Fri Jan  7 14:51:47 1994  Morten Welinder  (terra@diku.dk)

	* sed1.inp: Incorporate the actions of patch1.
	* patch1: File deleted.

Wed Jan  5 12:11:01 1993  Morten Welinder  (terra@diku.dk)

	* mainmake: New file, makefile for the main directory.

	* patch1: New file.  Context diff to turn src/makefile.in into
	a msdos version called makefile.

	* emacs.pif: New file, program information file for Emacs under
	Windows.  (This file contains non-printable characters.)

	* emacs.ico: New file, icon for Emacs under Windows.  It's so ugly
	that someone is bound to create a better.  Mail uuencoded icons
	to terra@diku.dk, but be prepared to sign a copyright disclaimer.
	(This file contains non-printable characters.)

	* sed3.inp: New file for changing lib-src/makefile.in into 

	* sed2.inp: New file for changing src/config.h-in into src/config.h

	* sed1.inp: New file for changing src/makefile.in.in into src/makefile