xemacs-beta / src / dbxrc

# -*- ksh -*-
# You can use this file to debug XEmacs using Sun WorkShop's dbx.
# Add the contents of this file to $HOME/.dbxrc or
# Source the contents of this file with something like:
# test -r ./dbxrc && . ./dbxrc

ignore POLL
ignore IO

function lbt {
  call Fbacktrace (Qexternal_debugging_output, Qt)

function dp {
  call debug_print ($1);

function xptr {
  print ("$1"<<4) & 0xFFFFFFF)

function xint {
  print ((int)($1 << 4))>>4;

#function xstring {
#  print *(struct Lisp_String *) ($1 & 0xFFFFFFF);
#  #print ((struct Lisp_String *) ($1 & 0xFFFFFFF))->_data;

function xlisp {
  print $1 ($2 & 0xFFFFFFF);
  #print ((struct Lisp_String *) ($1 & 0xFFFFFFF))->_data;

function defxlisp {
  eval "function $1 { print $2 (\$1 & 0xFFFFFFF) ; }"

function defxstruct {
  defxlisp "$1" "*(struct $2 *)"

defxstruct xstring        'Lisp_String'
defxstruct xlstream       'lstream'
defxstruct xsubr          'Lisp_Subr'
defxstruct xbitvec        'Lisp_Bit_Vector'
defxstruct xbuffer        'buffer'
defxstruct xbytecode      'Lisp_Bytecode'
defxstruct xcharset       'Lisp_Charset'
defxstruct xchartab       'Lisp_Char_Table'
defxstruct xchartabentry  'Lisp_Char_Table_Entry'
defxstruct xcodesys       'Lisp_Coding_System'
defxstruct xcolorinst     'Lisp_Color_Instance'
defxstruct xcons          'Lisp_Cons'
defxstruct xdevice        'device'
defxstruct xevent         'Lisp_Event'
defxstruct xextent        'extent'
defxstruct xextentaux     'extent_auxilliary'
defxstruct xfloat         'Lisp_Float'
defxstruct xfontinst      'Lisp_Font_Instance'
defxstruct xframe         'frame'
defxstruct xglyph         'Lisp_Glyph'
defxstruct xhashtable     'hashtable_struct'
defxstruct ximageinst     'Lisp_Image_Instance'
defxstruct xkeymap        'keymap'
defxstruct xmarker        'Lisp_Marker'
defxstruct xmenubardata   'menubar_data'
defxstruct xopaque        'Lisp_Opaque'
defxstruct xprocess       'Lisp_Process'
defxstruct xrangetab      'Lisp_Range_Table'
defxstruct xspec          'Lisp_Specifier'
defxstruct xsubwindow     'Lisp_Subwindow'
defxstruct xsymbol        'Lisp_Symbol'
defxstruct xtoolbarbutton 'toolbar_button'
defxstruct xtoolbardata   'toolbar_data'
defxstruct xtooltalkmess  'Lisp_Tooltalk_Message'
defxstruct xtooltalkpatt  'Lisp_Tooltalk_Pattern'
defxstruct xvector        'Lisp_Vector'
defxstruct xwindow        'window'
defxstruct xwindowconfig  'window_config'

function pproc {
  print *(`process.c`struct Lisp_Process*)$1 ;
  dp "(`process.c`struct Lisp_Process*)$1->name" ;
  dp "(`process.c`struct Lisp_Process*)$1->command" ;

function xtype {
  print (enum Lisp_Type) (($1 >> 28) & 7)

dbxenv suppress_startup_message 4.0

function dp_args {
  dp "*(((Lisp_Object*)($1))+0)"
  dp "*(((Lisp_Object*)($1))+1)"

function dp_core {
  print ((struct x_frame *)(((struct frame*)(Fselected_frame(Qnil)&0x00FFFFFF))->frame_data))->widget->core

# Barf!
function print_shell {
  print *(`frame-x.c`TopLevelShellRec*) (((struct `frame-x.c`x_frame*) (((struct `frame-x.c`frame*) (Fselected_frame(Qnil)&0x00FFFFFF))->frame_data))->widget)
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