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** Gnus changes.

*** nntp.el has been totally rewritten in an asynchronous fashion.

*** Article prefetching functionality has been moved up into 

*** Scoring can now be performed with logical operators like 
`and', `or', `not', and parent redirection.

*** Article washing status can be displayed in the
article mode line.

*** gnus.el has been split into many smaller files.

*** Suppression of duplicate articles based on Message-ID.

(setq gnus-suppress-duplicates t)

*** New variables for specifying what score and adapt files
are to be considered home score and adapt files.  See
`gnus-home-score-file' and `gnus-home-adapt-files'.

*** Groups can inherit group parameters from parent topics.

*** Article editing has been revamped and is now usable.

*** Signatures can be recognized in more intelligent fashions.
See `gnus-signature-separator' and `gnus-signature-limit'.

*** Summary pick mode has been made to look more nn-like.
Line numbers are displayed and the `.' command can be
used to pick articles.

*** Commands for moving the .newsrc.eld from one server to
another have been added.

    `M-x gnus-change-server'

*** A way to specify that "uninteresting" fields be suppressed when
generating lines in buffers.

*** Several commands in the group buffer can be undone with

*** Scoring can be done on words using the new score type `w'.

*** Adaptive scoring can be done on a Subject word-by-word basis:

    (setq gnus-use-adaptive-scoring '(word))

*** Scores can be decayed.
    (setq gnus-decay-scores t)

*** Scoring can be performed using a regexp on the Date header.  The
Date is normalized to compact ISO 8601 format first.

*** A new command has been added to remove all data on articles from
the native server.

   `M-x gnus-group-clear-data-on-native-groups'

*** A new command for reading collections of documents
(nndoc with nnvirtual on top) has been added -- `M-C-d'.

*** Process mark sets can be pushed and popped.

*** A new mail-to-news backend makes it possible to post
even when the NNTP server doesn't allow posting.

*** A new backend for reading searches from Web search engines
(DejaNews, Alta Vista, InReference) has been added.

    Use the `G w' command in the group buffer to create such
    a group.

*** Groups inside topics can now be sorted using the standard
sorting functions, and each topic can be sorted independently.

    See the commands under the `T S' submap.

*** Subsets of the groups can be sorted independently.

    See the commands under the `G P' submap.

*** Cached articles can be pulled into the groups.
    Use the `Y c' command.

*** Score files are now applied in a more reliable order.

*** Reports on where mail messages end up can be generated.

    `M-x nnmail-split-history'

*** More hooks and functions have been added to remove junk
from incoming mail before saving the mail.
    See `nnmail-prepare-incoming-header-hook'.

*** The nnml mail backend now understands compressed article files.