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Thu Mar 27 20:56:21 1997  marcpa  (marcpa at MARCPA)

	* Synced with 20.1b9.

Sun Mar 16 00:32:15 1997  marcpa  (marcpa at MARCPA)

	* lisp/eterm/README.term is truncated: is it just me (because
	I'm on NT) or everyone else sees this ?
	Answer: it is because it contains a ^Z embedded in it, therefore
	it needs to be inserted in binary mode in CVS.

Thu Mar 13 00:19:25 1997  marcpa  (marcpa at MARCPA)

	* At end of compilation, there are some unresolved symbols: 

link.exe @C:\TEMP\nma00115.
sysdep.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _vfork
../src/temacs.exe : warning LNK4088: image being generated due to /FORCE
option; image may not run

Wed Mar 12 23:18:53 1997  marcpa  (marcpa at MARCPA)

	* Need to copy the nt/inc directory David originally submitted or
	NT code won't compile.

	* Need to copy nt/{config.h,paths.h,ad2c.sed,xemacs.mak} in src.

	* Had to modify XEmacs sources here and there : see the diffs
	between NT_FIRST_COMPILE and V20_1_beta9.

	* Needed to patch X11R6.3 sources: (include/x11/Xmd.h:155) BOOL is
	already defined by Windows and is a long, while X wants it to be
	an unsigned char.

--- Xmd.h~	Thu Jun 08 23:20:40 1995
+++ Xmd.h	Sun Mar 16 13:09:10 1997
@@ -150,8 +150,9 @@
 typedef CARD16		BITS16;
 typedef CARD8		BYTE;
+#ifndef WIN32
 typedef CARD8           BOOL;

	* cpp.exe not used: cl.exe from VC++4.2 seems to handle everything


Compilation with nmake -f xemacs.mak.

Using X11R6.3 for NT.

Work started with 20.1b2.

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