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		      Building and Installing Xemacs
 			      on Windows NT

You need a compiler package to build and install Emacs on NT or Win95.

This is an extremely early release. Any help I can provide I will do so.

1. You need to extract the nt subdirectory from the nt.tar file.
2. You need to compile the lcc c preprocessor in the nt/cpp directory.
3. Get and compile MIT X11R6.1. Well I use 6.1, later versions will probably
   work as well.
4. Edit the xemacs.mak Makefile and ensure variables point to the correct place.
5. Create the obj subdirectory.
6. copy the files from nt/src into src/.
7. patch the original source files with the src.diffs file.
8. Run nmake using xemacs.mak
9. Manually run the resulting temacs executable to create xemacs.

- Haven't got rid of some symbol problems which may be causing problems.
- Still seems to use fork, which fails without /force option on link. I am
  trying to work out where it should be removed.
- Executable crashes when running it.

Any problems/questions, mail me:

David Hobley
david_hobley@optusvision.com.au -- work email.

I am in the process of changing ISP's at the moment for my home account,
so your best bet for a fastish response is my work account.