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1998-09-28  Christoph Wedler  <>

	* trace.el (trace-function-read): New function.
	(trace-function): Use it.
	(trace-function-background): Use it.

1999-05-28  Karl M. Hegbloom  <>

	* hide-copyleft.el: Get rid of `more-copylefts-to-hide', and just
	customize `copylefts-to-hide'.

1999-07-05  SL Baur  <>

	* eldoc.el: Use add-minor-mode to add as a minor mode.
	From Bob Weiner <>

1998-10-20  Andy Piper  <>

	* bench.el (bench-large-lisp-file): use temp-directory rather than
	home-grown temp-dir.
	(bench-small-lisp-file): ditto.
	(temp-dir): removed.

1998-09-18  Noah Friedman  <>

	* eldoc.el (eldoc-message): Check for 1-arg case, and store string
	in eldoc-last-message without consing a new string.
	Rearrange logic from nested if's into cond's.
	(eldoc-print-fnsym-args): Renamed to eldoc-get-fnsym-args-string.
	Do not print message; just return string.
	(eldoc-get-var-docstring): Renamed from eldoc-print-var-docstring.
	Do not print message; just return string.
	Cache that string in eldoc-last-data.
	(eldoc-last-data): Make into a vector.
	(eldoc-get-fnsym-args-string): Use new data form of structure.
	(eldoc-get-var-docstring): Here also.
	(eldoc-last-data-store): New function.
	(eldoc-get-fnsym-args-string): Use it.
	(eldoc-get-var-docstring): Here also.
	(eldoc-docstring-first-line): Minimize interim string consing.
	Call substitute-command-keys on the result.
	(eldoc-print-var-docstrings, eldoc-print-docstring,
	eldoc-docstring-message): Functions removed.
	(eldoc-docstring-format-sym-doc): New function, functionality
	ripped out of eldoc-docstring-message.
	(eldoc-get-fnsym-args-string, eldoc-get-var-docstring): Use it.

1998-08-19  Karl M. Hegbloom  <>

	* ielm.el (ielm-eval-input): Change `:', `::', `:::' to `!'...,
	since the `:' is special syntax now for keyword variables.
 	(several other occurances also changed.) I chose !, because shells
	use that character for history expansion.
	(ielm-eval-input): Check that `ielm-string' is not null.
 	Integrated reversed patch from Gregory Neil Shapiro

1998-08-15  SL Baur  <>

	* eval-expr.el (eval-expr-display-message): screen-width ->

1998-07-14  Jens-Ulrik Petersen  <>

	* find-func.el: Version 0.22 released.
	(find-function-search-for-symbol): Put error sexp into simplier
	`format' format.
	(find-function-do-it): Fixed problem when a symbol in current
	buffer found in other-window.
	Added `help-mode-map' key bindings to `find-function-at-point' and 
	`find-variable-at-point' that used to be in "help".

1998-06-15  Jens-Ulrik Petersen  <>

	* find-func.el: Version 0.21 released.
	Improvements to the preamble.  Require "loadhist".
	(find-function-source-path): Simplified the custom type.
	(find-function-recenter-line): New variable to control center of
	(find-function-after-hook): New variable.
	(find-function-search-for-symbol): `regexp-quote' the symbol name: 
	needed to find-function `mapcar*' for example.  [Patch from Hrvoje
	Niksic <>]
	(find-function-search-for-symbol): Include library name in error
	message when symbol can't be found.
	(find-function-noselect): Improved docstring.  Don't include
	`library' in let [Thanks to Bob Weiner <>].
	Use `symbol-file' instead of `describe-symbol-find-file'.  Protect
	`compiled-function-annotation' call and keep it for older
	XEmacsen.  Use `file-name-sans-extension' for compiled functions.
	(find-function-read): Separate `completing-read' calls for
	variables and functions, and use `variable-history'.
	(find-function-do-it): Mention new `find-function-recenter-line'
	and `find-function-after-hook' in docstring.  Use them.
	(find-function): Mention `find-function-recenter-line' and
	`find-function-after-hook' in docstring.
	(find-function-other-window): Remove most of docstring and add
	reference to `find-function' instead.
	(find-function-other-frame): Ditto.
	(find-variable-noselect): Use `symbol-file' instead of
	(find-variable): Mention `find-function-recenter-line' and
	`find-function-after-hook' in docstring.
	(find-variable-other-window): Remove most of docstring and add
	reference to `find-variable' instead.
	(find-variable-other-frame): Ditto.
	(find-function-on-key): Simplified.

1998-04-20  Karl M. Hegbloom  <>

	* hide-copyleft.el (more-copylefts-to-hide): Added defcustom.

1998-04-18  Hrvoje Niksic  <>

	* profile.el (profile-results): When `internal-error-checking' is
	non-nil, warn that the results are likely bogus.

1998-03-26  Jens-Ulrik Petersen  <>

	* find-func.el (find-function-read): Call `variable-at-point' for
	variable and `function-at-point' for function, not the other way
	() Comment out keybindings with their autoload cookies to be
	() Version 0.20 released.

1998-03-09  SL Baur  <>

	* hide-copyleft.el: restored.

1998-03-03  Markus Linnala  <>

	* find-gc.el (trace-call-tree): Use make to make RTL's.
	(find-gc-unsafe): Print output to buffer. Change
	garbage_collecting function from Fgarbage_collect_1 to
	(emacs-source-directory): Change default.
	(source-files): Try to get default from src directory.

1998-03-04  Jens-Ulrik Petersen  <>

	* find-func.el (find-function-regexp): New variable, taken from
	former constant in `find-function-noselect'.  Can now find
	function definitions with parameters on a new line (suggested by
	Christoph Wedler <>).
	(find-variable-regexp): New variable.
	(find-function-search-for-symbol): New function of stuff taken out 
	of `find-function-noselect'
	(find-function-noselect): Use it and `find-function-regexp'.
	(find-function-read): Renamed from `find-function-read-function'.
	With optional arg now read a variable.
	(find-function-do-it): Added parameter to indicate if a variable
	is being searched for.
	(find-function): Use `find-function-read'.
	(find-function-other-window): Ditto.
	(find-function-other-frame): Ditto.
	(find-variable-noselect): New function for finding the point of
	definition of variables, modeled on `find-function-noselect'.
	(find-variable): New function.
	(find-variable-other-window): Ditto.
	(find-variable-other-frame): Ditto.
	(find-variable-at-point): New function for "help".
	(ctl-x-map): Bind find-variable functions.

1998-02-08  Kyle Jones  <>

	* xemacs-devel/pretty-print.el: Don't bind keys when

1998-02-01  SL Baur  <>

	* eldoc.el (eldoc-mode): Append to post-command-hook.
	From David Byers <>

1998-01-24  SL Baur  <>

	* Makefile (VERSION): Update to package standard 1.0.

1998-01-13  Hrvoje Niksic  <>

	* old-prim/profile.el (profile-results): Use call-count-profile-table.
	(profile-call-count-results): New function.

1998-01-12  SL Baur  <>

	* pretty-print.el: Reformat comments.

1997-12-27  Jens-Ulrik Holger Petersen  <>

	* pretty-print.el (pp-internal): Make it autoloaded.  Docstring typo.

1997-12-17  Jens-Ulrik Holger Petersen  <>

	* pretty-print.el (pp-internal-sexp): Protect fboundp call with
	symbolp test.  Necessary to be able to print a value of `(-3 smthg)'
	for example.

1998-01-11  SL Baur  <>

	* Makefile (ELCS): Add pretty-print.el.
	Update to latest package spec.
1997-12-10  Christoph Wedler  <>

	* find-func.el (find-function-noselect): `regexp-quote'
	function name FUNCTION.

1998-01-02  SL Baur  <>

	* _pkg.el (xemacs-devel): Updated package-provide spec.

1998-01-01  SL Baur  <>

	* ielm.el: New file.

1997-12-24  SL Baur  <>

	* elp.el: Remove bytecompile time dependency on reporter

	* Makefile: Added find-func.el, regexp-opt.el, and reposition.el.

1997-12-23  SL Baur  <>

	* docref.el: Updated commentary.

	* Makefile: Created.