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+1999-05-28  Karl M. Hegbloom  <>
+	* hide-copyleft.el: Get rid of `more-copylefts-to-hide', and just
+	customize `copylefts-to-hide'.
+1999-07-05  SL Baur  <>
+	* eldoc.el: Use add-minor-mode to add as a minor mode.
+	From Bob Weiner <>
 1998-10-20  Andy Piper  <>
 	* bench.el (bench-large-lisp-file): use temp-directory rather than
 # This XEmacs package contains independent single file lisp packages
-VERSION = 1.21
+VERSION = 1.22
 MAINTAINER = XEmacs Development Team <>
 PACKAGE = xemacs-devel
   :group 'eldoc)
 ;; Put this minor mode on the global minor-mode-alist.
-(or (assq 'eldoc-mode (default-value 'minor-mode-alist))
-    (setq-default minor-mode-alist
-                  (append (default-value 'minor-mode-alist)
-                          '((eldoc-mode eldoc-minor-mode-string)))))
+(if (fboundp 'add-minor-mode)
+    (add-minor-mode 'eldoc-mode " ElDoc")
+  (or (assq 'eldoc-mode (default-value 'minor-mode-alist))
+      (setq-default minor-mode-alist
+		    (append (default-value 'minor-mode-alist)
+			    '((eldoc-mode eldoc-minor-mode-string))))))
 (defcustom eldoc-argument-case 'upcase
   "Case to display argument names of functions, as a symbol.
 ;; various copyrights I've run across.  Let me know if you find one on which
 ;; it fails.
-(defvar copylefts-to-hide
+(defgroup hide-copyleft nil
+  "Hide copyright prologs."
+  :group 'matching)
+(defcustom copylefts-to-hide
   ;; There are some extra backslashes in these strings to prevent this code
   ;; from matching the definition of this list as the copyright notice!
   '(;; GNU
     ("^%%BeginDocumentation" . "^%%EndDocumentation")
   "An alist of pairs of regexps which delimit copyright notices to hide.
-The first one found is hidden, so order is significant.")
-(defgroup hide-copyleft nil
-  "Hide copyright prologs."
-  :group 'matching)
-(defcustom more-copylefts-to-hide nil
-  "Additional copylefts to hide.  See: `copylefts-to-hide'."
+The first one found is hidden, so order is significant."
   :group 'hide-copyleft
-  :set #'(lambda (var val)
-	   (prog1
-	       (setq-default var val)
-	     (setq copylefts-to-hide (append copylefts-to-hide
-					     val))))
   :type '(repeat (cons (regexp :tag "Top line")
 		       (regexp :tag "Bottom line"))))